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♥Decades of anti-nuclear protests in Germany, stoked by disasters at Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima, put pressure on successive governments to end the use of a technology that critics argue is unsafe and unsustainable.のDC630-682M☂SEOUL, South Korea — Hundreds of South Koreans were forced to flee a wildfire fueled by strong winds that burned parts of an eastern coastal city Tuesday, destroying dozens of homes.➣LQG15HN7N5H02D▶LONDON — It will be a coronation of many faiths and many languages.▦JAN1N759A-1☞Reps. Justin Jones, D-Nashville, and Justin Pearson, D-Memphis, were ousted not for committing crimes but for breaching the rules of decorum. They used a bullhorn on the House floor, speaking without being recognized and leading protests calling for gun restrictions as Republicans, who hold a supermajority in the chamber, stood by.⇞

↟In 2022, the House Oversight Committee launched an inquiry into allegations of workplace misconduct by the Washington Commanders owner, Dan Snyder.♙JANTXV1N3045C-1▀At least half of the decline in natural lakes was driven by human-caused climate change and overconsumption. That's a finding, Yao said, that should help water managers better manage and protect threatened lakes around the world.❃


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C911U560JUSDCAWL35☼"Given these circumstances, it is very disappointing that my client's name has been released and her privacy violated," she added.BZX284-C39,115✒South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott announced his run for the Republican presidential nomination Monday morning in North Charleston, S.C.☁

⊙Two workers from the city's public works department were able to clean up the area in less than an hour, Shah said.☠


♟Molson Coors Beverage Co. said it "respects local restrictions" around the word Champagne.☠M39003/01-2660/HSD➟Musk, whose statements to reporters are regularly laced with jokes, insults or attempts at trolling, responded sarcastically when asked who would potentially take over NPR's Twitter account.⇒5022-133H☋"PBGVs belong to the hound group. They are from the French region of Vendée, known for their rabbit-hunting abilities and ""a happy demeanor and durable constitution,"" the American Kennel Club says.↥NSBA143TDXV6T1↜It comes five months after a federal judge sentenced Holmes to 11 years behind bars for misleading investors about her blood-testing startup, which landed her on the cover of national magazines and made her a darling of Silicon Valley.◎

↼He praised the skill and courage of the prosecutors who have worked on the Jan. 6 cases and said they had secured more than 600 convictions. Garland said that work would continue.↮1N4935-E3/73ぃCanadian fire officials issued issued a special air quality statement for much of Alberta and said wildfires this year alone have burned more than two million acres, according to the CBC.✄


↺Missouri Democratic Rep. Cori Bush has introduced new legislation calling for $14 trillion in reparations for Black Americans, in an effort to see the federal government atone for the practice of chattel slavery and hundreds of years of racist policies that followed.■C1206S103K2RACAUTO⇪Federal authorities haven't acted to shut down any sites so far but haven't publicly supported them either. The Office of National Drug Control Policy declined to comment, given ongoing litigation in a related case in Philadelphia.ⓔGCE21BR72A823KA01K◘Waris Punjab De was founded by Deep Sidhu, an Indian actor who died in 2022 in a traffic accident.↢TIP49◎Officials say Teixeira worked in the 102nd Intelligence Wing based at Otis Air Force Base in Cape Cod, Mass., but his specific role and how he got access to the classified documents is unclear. The unit's job is to provide worldwide intelligence for combat support and homeland security.☪

◐"Our adversary is not the Colorado Party but the dirty money of organized crime," Alegre told reporters.↦1808YA250152MXRSP▣Brynjolfsson says these improvements make a lot of sense when you think about how the AI system works. The system has analyzed company records and learned from highly rated conversations between agents and customers. In effect, the AI chatbot is basically mimicking the company's top performers, who have experience on the job. And it's pushing newbies and low performers to act more like them. The machine has essentially figured out the recipe for the magic sauce that makes top performers so good at their jobs, and it's offering that recipe for the workers who are less good at their jobs.の


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