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❂Suspected Israeli airstrikes in Syria in recent weeks have killed two Iranian military advisers and temporarily put the country's two largest airports out of service. Hecht, the military spokesman, said Thursday's rocket fire was not believed to be connected to events in Syria.❦T86C105K050ESSL✚When the public saw the leaked draft decision, there were protests outside the court and elsewhere. There were furious editorials and shouting matches on cable TV. Some theorized that whoever leaked the draft was trying to prompt protests and intimidate the majority supporting the draft decision.↷BZX84W-B68F➴A Florida zoo has apologized for offering an “encounter” where visitors could pet a kiwi, New Zealand’s national bird, following outrage in the animal’s home country. It said it has stopped the practice.▪0805Y1K00122KXT✂The Boy Scouts also have a 24/7 hotline (1-844-SCOUTS1) and email address for reporting suspected abuse or inappropriate behavior.⇇

▪For one, Travis Rothweiler, the city manager of Twin Falls, got choked up recalling the moment he was notified of the threat to his teenager's school.⋄150D335X0050B2B❧Neither the office of the mayor nor the governor have returned NPR's requests for comment.㊣


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C322C431J3G5TA7301░"I continue to stand by FDA's evidence-based approval of mifepristone, and my Administration will continue to defend FDA's independent, expert authority to review, approve, and regulate a wide range of prescription drugs," Biden said in a statement.♚JANTX1N4958Meanwhile, Julie Zahringer, whose family settled in the valley from Spain nearly 400 years ago, has been watching water-quality trends firsthand. Zahringer, 47, grew up driving a tractor on her grandfather's ranch near San Luis, Colorado's oldest town — and hanging out in the lab with her mother, a scientist.♕


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PE-0805CM270JTT▒The number of deaths continued to grow Sunday.↩MK03V71R3BAT2A➵The teenager, a male from Chesapeake, Virginia, was at the Cape Hatteras National Seashore in Frisco, North Carolina. At about 2 p.m., law enforcement responded to a 911 call after the teen's family and friends had been looking for him.❈

♣A White House official released a statement saying President Biden had been briefed on the shooting and was in touch with law enforcement and local officials to offer support.▥


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CWR09KB156KP☢But I have this practice in the morning that I started doing during COVID when I was stuck at home and frightened. So after my walk in the morning, I come back, sit to face the sun, do a sun salutation, and I say some Vedic chants.➽1206J1000222JAT▁Planned Parenthood South Atlantic, Greenville Women’s Clinic and two physicians sued to block the earlier six-week ban after it went into effect last June. This year, the state Supreme Court issued a 3-2 decision that the law violated the right to privacy in the state Constitution. The new ban will test that opinion, written by the court’s sole female justice, who has since been forced to retire due to age limits. She was replaced by the legislature with a male justice, making South Carolina’s the nation’s only all-male state Supreme Court. Conservatives expect any challenge to the measure passed Tuesday will be turned aside by the court.▕


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