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SQCAEM0R7BATME✍"I immediately went to the zoo director and I said, 'We have offended a nation. This is something that has to stop immediately,'" Magill said.❦2220Y3K00560GCR▦Anger's death was reported Wednesday by the Sprüth Magers gallery, which has represented Anger's work since 2009. Spencer Glesby, who was Anger's artist liasion, told NPR that the filmmaker died on May 11 in Yucca Valley, California, of natural causes.☁

◢Buckingham Palace released King Charles' coronation invitation on Tuesday, giving royal watchers much to discuss.☠

㊣PLANTE: Sources tell CBS News that Tenet will point to intelligence successes not previously made public, and try to correct what they call 'inaccuracies' about what the CIA did and did not say about weapons of mass destruction.↘


↺"These arrests were not about protecting people from harm, but about protecting the King from embarrassment. It was the state wanting to stamp down dissent in order to present an image of a grateful and consenting public at the time of the coronation," Smith said.◆0603Y0500221FFT◈In the end, all five of the justices who affirmed the draft held the line, so the draft became the ruling of the court and the law of the land.◦VJ0805Q221JEBAI↑The last international agreement on ocean protection was signed 40 years ago in 1982 — the U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea, according to BBC News.↾GA1210Y394JBXAT31G▤Safety is paramount for those preparing to watch the celestial show. Experts say that, aside from the brief time the moon completely covers up the sun during a total solar eclipse, it's not safe to look directly at a total or partial eclipse with the naked eye. NASA says using specialized eye protection or alternate methods, such as a pinhole projector or your phone, is a must.▥

↱House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner has indicated his panel will also probe the nature of the breach.☆B82472G4154M⊕Colly's gift of speaking to the dead comes naturally to him — Key had it, too. She worked as a birth doula, but found herself connecting with her community in other ways, acting as something of a medium, helping friends and neighbors communicate with loved ones they'd lost. But this comes at a psychic cost to her: "The problem was that the ghosts stayed with me. Each one left a shadow under my eye. They stood where I found them. They looked at me for longer than it took to remember where I'd met them."▐

☁Ukrainian governors and officials also reported one death each in Orikhiv in the Zaporizhzhia region, in the capital Kyiv, in the southern region of Kherson and in the western city Khmelnytskyi.⇤

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