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✿Those swimsuits are among a group of products under review by Target but that haven't yet been removed, Reuters said.♨1206J5006P20DQT▒"The loss of these Soldiers is devastating and is being felt by family, friends and military communities across Alaska," said Maj. Gen. Brian Eifler, commanding general of the 11th Airborne Division. "The families of Fort Wainwright and 1-25 are as strong a team as I've ever seen. Our hearts are heavy, and our thoughts and prayers are with the families, friends and loved ones of the fallen."▣MA0603CG241J500☭This story comes from NPR's health reporting partnership with Side Effects Public Media and KFF Health News.▐RPE5C2A121J2K1A03B⇈"He didn't even bother to show up here in person," Kaplan said, referring to Trump's absence from the proceedings in federal court. She told jurors that much of what he said in his deposition and in public statements "actually supports our side of the case."╬

➩"I wasn't being thrown to the wolves, I was being fed to the wolves," Meghan said in their Netflix special.✒CL10C270JB8NCNCTypically, shareholders face losses before those holding bonds if a bank goes under.✦


♣Importers complained and took their case to courts, most of which agreed with them and ordered customs to release the sex dolls, saying they are used in people's private spaces and don't undermine human dignity.☠GA0603Y152MXBAC31G❤Those Ukrainians who do not cross international borders but are displaced internally often find themselves in similarly dire straits. Olga Grinik, together with her two young children, evacuated from Avdiivka in the eastern Donetsk region to a safer place in central Ukraine, while her husband joined the armed forces. The family pooled all its savings to buy a rundown, abandoned house in a village, and now Olga struggles to make it habitable while operating, essentially, as a single mother.➧CC0201KRX7R8BB331☞Rivers ran for the county commission in 2020 as a Republican and was elected without opposition after the Democratic nominee was disqualified over a previous felony conviction.❐0805J0160560FCT✲Given the complex needs of the students, "recovery schools will always be small," she said.▐

♠As always, Irby dexterously plays both sides: the awkward people-pleaser and the snarky cynic. Like a cartoon character in a tennis match against herself, she races back and forth between self-deprecation and scalding humor, never once missing a stroke. People may be shallow, Irby is more than happy to point out, but she's right down there with them — quietly hostile, sure, but also loudly irresistible.⊙108R-393HS⊿Montana continues to allow access to abortion services because of protections in its state constitution, but clinics that perform abortions are few. Blue Mountain reopened after its 1993 fire, and Planned Parenthood of Montana also provides abortion services in multiple Montana cities. All Families reopened under new owner Helen Weems, in Whitefish, just north of Kalispell in northwestern Montana's Flathead Valley.✉

↕The early morning Israeli strikes on southern Lebanon — what analysts described as the most serious border violence since Israel's 2006 war with Lebanon's Hezbollah militant group — meanwhile threatened to push the confrontation into a dangerous new phase following heightened tensions at one of Jerusalem's holiest sites.◈


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CGA2B3X7R1V683K050BB◦Rachel Morrogh, director of advocacy at the Irish Cancer Society, praised the government for taking steps to reduce new cancer cases and said there was support from the public for such a move.⇉C1206C224K3RECAUTO7210☼"If I am honest I rise really with a deep sense of anger about what is happening in our country in the area of gun violence and death," he said in his address to the Senate.⇦

➳At the White House, Yoon said peace on the Korean Peninsula does not happen automatically.↡

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