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➢Hollywood writers have voted to authorize a strike if their talks with The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers don't end in a new three-year contract. The current contract expires just before midnight on May 1. The Writers Guild of America has been at the table with the studios, negotiating over how much they're compensated for working on films, TV shows and streaming series.☺MBR1540CT◁"I think it's been well-documented – our jails across the BIA system are in poor condition," Newland said. "We've also come up with an ability to rank them to prioritize which ones should be replaced, but we need the dollars to do that and to make sure the people in our care and custody get the treatment they're entitled to."↦C1210C823G5JAC7800❥Advocates say they hope the installation's new name will also usher in a new culture at the troubled base. An official review following the 2020 murder of Fort Hood soldier Vanessa Guillén found that leadership at the base was "permissive of sexual harassment and sexual assault" and led to the punishment of 14 officials.▤PCT68/10BK↘This story is part of the My Unsung Hero series, from the Hidden Brain team, about people whose kindness left a lasting impression on someone else.↷

♤Ukrainian defense and military officials said that fierce fighting was ongoing. Deputy Defense Minsiter Hanna Malyar even went so far as to say that Ukrainian troops "took the city in a semi-encirclement."◄C315C109B3G5TA7301♭Thousands of others are hoping the same is true for them.↝


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PM40-220K▎Elena Diachkova was one of those early refugees. Her town of Avdiivka, in the eastern region of Donbas, instantly turned into a battlefield. She was forced to flee with her daughter, Yulia, and her then 2-year-old grandson, Nikita. The men of the family — Elena's and Yulia's husbands — stayed behind because Ukraine restricts men between the ages of 18 and 60 from leaving the country.▶C1812X474J4JACAUTO✂As if to underscore the comparison, Putin noted Russian servicemen and military families from what the Kremlin calls the "special military operation" in Ukraine were in attendance alongside WWII veterans.•


◀Xi's visit came amid concerns that China may be preparing to provide lethal weapons to Russia for its war in Ukraine, which China denies. It also comes days after Putin was accused of war crimes, including orchestrating the forced removal of Ukrainian children to Russian territory, by prosecutors at the International Criminal Court.➥FA26X7R1H684KNU00⊙Although the head of the health agency in charge of Medicaid, Chiquita Brooks-Lasure, has said many times that federal officials are "laser focused" on helping ensure that people who are eligible don't lose coverage, a recent estimate from health research group KFF suggested that as many as 24 million people could lose Medicaid, including millions who are still eligible but fall through administrative cracks.◎CWR26HK106KBFC\HR↑CBC has sent a letter to Twitter asking the company to re-examine the designation. Musk later tweeted about it and changed it to "69 percent Government-funded media."✿SL595C151KABTR2✍McCraw said the school police chief had incorrectly determined that the gunman was no longer an active shooter and that no more children were at risk. Arredondo oversaw the Uvalde district’s six-person police department. He has declined multiple interview requests but told the Texas Tribune he did not consider himself in charge of the scene.❦

➻Sincerely,←T86D157K004EAAL♠In one notorious example, CNN prematurely reported a suspect had been arrested. Other outlets, including the Associated Press and the Boston Globe followed their lead — and all had to issue corrections when officials denied the claim.▅


⊠His rider Luis Sáez was flung off the horse. The jockey complained of leg pain after the fall and was taken to a nearby hospital, according to the NBC Sports broadcast.↞2220Y0630103JCT➤The elusive R&B star Frank Ocean, known for avoiding the spotlight, performed on the largest stage at Coachella on Sunday night.£IMCH1812ER560J✣The MIT economist David Autor has long studied this phenomenon. He calls it "job polarization" and a "hollowing out" of the middle class. Basically, the data suggests that the last few decades of technological change was a major contributor to increasing inequality. Technology has mostly boosted the incomes of college-educated and skilled workers while doing little for — and perhaps even hurting — the incomes of non-college-educated and low-skilled workers.➧C2012JB2E153M125AA▍Mariamma, a 12-year-old child bride, marries a 40-year-old widower and becomes the mistress of 500 acres of Parambil. Her husband's family has a secret medical "condition" where water is the cause of death for members in each generation. Big Ammachi, as she comes to be known, experiences many joys and sorrows from that early age until her passing. Though she remains in Parambil all her life, the human and spirit worlds forever intervene. Her wide-open heart takes in everything and everyone, no matter if they bring pain or comfort.▓

▰A coach said on Instagram Live that Washington suffered damage to multiple organs, had her spleen removed and is expected to undergo more surgeries this week, ABC13 reports.⇜CGH27030P↛Carroll was awarded $5 million in total damages for both claims.▬

↕Doane asked, "Your jurisdiction is New York. It's an important big city, but it is just New York."⇠

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