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♩But over the last several months, her English has gotten better, and she's slowly coming out of her shell. At a school performance over the winter, other teachers noticed what a great performer she was, singing all the songs loudly and doing all of the dance moves. "It was just really sweet to see her so involved," Green remembers. "It must have been really hard for her, considering half of the time she didn't know what she was singing because she doesn't have the vocabulary. But she absolutely loved it."←CDH115NP-560KCЮThe U.S. is stepping up joint military drills with South Korea, and the deployment of U.S. aircraft carriers, strategic bombers and submarines. In bilateral talks last November, U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin pledged to make such deployments a routine occurrence.▱C1206X362J1HAC7800✁And then there are people like Peter Paul Togero, who lives in the dusty village of Ayom in northern Uganda. He agreed that very little has been resolved. Togero is a member of an association of 43 parents with children suffering from nodding syndrome. "If you can, ask any organization to look for the solution of those who have the syndrome," he said. "If any organization can come and assist those, they are key."▬C1210X829C4HACAUTO↖The rocket fire from Syria comes against the backdrop of soaring Israeli-Palestinian tensions touched off by an Israeli police raid on Jerusalem's most sensitive site, the sacred compound home to the Al-Aqsa mosque. That outraged Palestinians marking the holy fasting month of Ramadan and prompted militants in Lebanon — as well as Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip — to fire a heavy barrage of rockets into Israel.⇀

◈On why Gannett continues to slash staff and paper numbers:☺CDR31BX152BKMR\M500✿According to the Coast Guard, the three mariners planned to stop in Cabo San Lucas, about 224 miles from Mazatlán, on April 6 to report in before they continued their trip.◎

◥The suspension didn’t stop Pargas from running for reelection as a county commissioner.①

☈Navigators, who help people sign up for health insurance for free thanks to federal grants, have extra funding this year to help people who find themselves without Medicaid coverage. (Navigators strongly suggest Medicaid enrollees make sure their contact information is up to date with their state Medicaid office so they don't miss a notice about their coverage.)➝


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1812Y6300182MET☺The majority of Guam is without power. A flood watch remained in effect, and residents should expect continued showers and gusty winds, which may ease by Thursday afternoon. Most of the island saw a foot of rain, with some areas pummeled by nearly 2 feet of rain. “That is the most rainfall we’ve had in a 24-hour period in quite some time,” Aydlett said.▧1945-18H⇈British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak tweeted that U.K. armed forces evacuated British diplomatic staff and dependents. But Britain's Middle East Minister, Andrew Mitchell, said about 2,000 U.K. citizens still in Sudan have registered with the embassy for potential evacuation. Many Britons in the country have complained about a lack of information from the government and say they are in the dark about any evacuation plans.✈

↮After Charles is crowned, the traditional homage of the peers will be replaced by an "homage of the people," in which people in the Abbey and those watching on television will be invited to affirm their allegiance to the king.❒

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