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➞House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan also held an event in New York on Monday: a field hearing about crime in Manhattan.♧IXFX88N20Q◙"That's 20 million people who don't have abortion care in the state they live in," Mansanares said, noting that wait times used to be three days. "We're not going to be able to see 20 million people in New Mexico."✪2225J0100823JXR↙"It would be a mistake to look at the takeover of NDTV as a thing in itself. I think it's part of a much larger battering down on basic, fundamental, democratic rights — the right to organize, the right to protest, the right to march, the right to speak and the right to publish," says Kesavan.↰C0805C301G1HAC7800☍Under that program, the Biden administration had been processing thousands of asylum-seekers at port of entry each month. In November, the last month with available data, officials at ports of entry processed 20,696 migrants under humanitarian exemptions to Title 42, government statistics filed in federal court show.↑

◐We are going to take a quick break.  When we come back, we will discuss the important presentation to the United Nations by Secretary of State Colin Powell.█CWR11HC336KBC➭But there are no guarantees. So for now, Miller keeps on with her daily routine. She wakes at 5:30 each morning, listens to a daily audio reading of the Bible and then heads to the prison library, where she works as a legal adviser for other inmates.➹

↽"The matter has been referred to appropriate law enforcement, and out of respect for their efforts we won't be commenting further," the spokesperson said.▋

◙"But it wasn't that. Shame, great shame," Prokic added.❧


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GA1812Y274KBAAR31G☼But the one thing he's not expecting to see is a settlement deal reached by the two parties.➯1812J2K50120FCT♀MAKRIDIS: You're left with this cognitive dissonance thing where one part of your brain saying, well, we don't know. And then you read the rest saying, Yes, we do know.•

➫In a statement released on Thursday, the Taliban has dismissed these concerns as an "internal issue of Afghanistan."♞

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