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▮"Given the unexplained sudden deaths, we have reasonable concerns about the condition of his horses, and decided to suspend him indefinitely until details are analyzed and understood," Churchill Downs Incorporated President Bill Mudd said. "The safety of our equine and human athletes and integrity of our sport is our highest priority. We feel these measures are our duty and responsibility."⇞


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CKC33C123GCGAC7210◙Though the anticipation may have been overblown, Friday still marked the start of a new era of immigration — a change that may take months to come into clearer focus.ⓛGA0603A470JBCAR31G▣The acting head of the Federal Aviation Administration will leave the agency this summer, putting pressure on the White House to quickly find a replacement after President Joe Biden's first choice withdrew last month.↳

❤Regarding America's credibility in the world, some have argued that the Iraq War was the moment the U.S. ceded its global leadership role.↰


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HMK325B7684KN-T☢Nearly 150 Palestinians were killed in the West Bank and east Jerusalem in 2022, making it the deadliest year in those areas since 2004, according to the leading Israeli rights group B'Tselem. Palestinian attacks against Israelis during that same time killed 30 people.↗SR805 A0G■"I Know Momma Proud Of This One," Hurts said in an Instagram post on Saturday, under photos of him wearing his graduation cap and gown and posing with a diploma.☀


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STL52DN4LF7AG▩His daughter, Catherine Carter Sullivan, confirmed that he died Thursday in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.↕0805Y0100331KXR♥Last month, Covis said it would pull Makena voluntarily, but it wanted that process to wind down over several months. On Thursday, the FDA rejected that proposal.♦

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