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☁Martin: We're all sort of limited by our language, right? Maybe some people use the word God because we don't know what other words to ascribe to these ideas or experiences.♪LQP02TN1N2B02D○Confirmed cases have already been reported across the border in Mozambique, while the WHO said it assessed the current risk of spread inside Malawi and to other neighboring countries as "very high."↚2220Y5000822MXT⇠The car reversed, sideswiped him and ran over his right foot, Caccavale said, which was when he drew his Smith & Wesson Shield handgun and fired several shots toward the tires. He told police he wanted to disable the vehicle.✄M39003/01-5486/HSD♂McCarthy explained his largesse by telling troopers that he wanted to "gift" the money — roughly $200,000, he estimated. Authorities said there was no way to confirm how much dough McCarthy tossed.⇔

↩Take the way Rep. Andrew Farmer addressed Justin Pearson, his hands shaking with emotion. "Just because you don't get your way, you can't come to the well, bring your friends, and throw a temper tantrum with an adolescent bullhorn," he told Pearson. "It doesn't give you the right to enrage folks that are here."✲1206Y2500223JXR▨But now, the treaty is facing its toughest test in decades. "The level of mistrust is at the highest," says Jamaat Ali Shah. He used to represent Pakistan on a bilateral commission that oversaw the implementation of the Indus Waters Treaty.﹌


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C0805X474J5REC7210◊The Israeli military said it pounded Gaza with more airstrikes on Friday, hitting 10 targets that it described as underground tunnels, along with weapons production and development sites belonging largely to the Hamas militant group. There were no immediate reports of casualties in Gaza, but the Palestinian Health Ministry said that one of the strikes caused some damage to a children's hospital in Gaza City.➮BZD27C6V8PHM2G↚"We have a diplomatic and historic relationship with Taiwan of more than 60 years, based on principles and democratic values that we believe are fundamental for a society like Paraguay," Peña said.♨


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S1812-123G유Kai McNamee contributed to this story.◎JANTX1N4620UR-1↲Days later, a pair of paddleboarding sisters found a second set of remains on a nearby sandbar. The coroner's office identified the remains as belonging to Thomas Erndt, 42, whose drowning was reported on Aug. 2, 2002.×


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06033A681JAT2A⇣It's not just professional musicians getting involved either.あTAZA155K006CBSZ0000On Saturday morning, when President Biden was asked about the balloon, he told reporters "we're gonna take care of it."➘


➛Meanwhile, the California National Guard will offer support in analyzing drug operations, with a particular focus on fentanyl trafficking rings.☻VJ0805D3R9DLAAJ⇓"We look forward to the formal approval of our ownership by the NFL in the months ahead and to having the honor to serve as responsible and accountable stewards of the Commanders franchise moving forward," Harris said. "We look forward to running a world-class organization and making significant investments on and off the field to achieve excellence and have a lasting and positive impact on the community."▎0805J5003P90CAT↔The town of Wrexham is in Wales, but like several other Welsh soccer clubs it competes in English soccer leagues.▨D183Z39Y5VH63L2R↥The point of the labels, the former executive said, was to help users understand what they're seeing on the platform.⊟

❤The driver was arrested after voluntarily exiting the car in the San Damaso courtyard. Two guards immediately arrested the 40-year-old man. He was subsequently examined by doctors at the Directorate of Health and Hygiene of the Vatican City State, who found him to be in "a serious state of psychophysical alteration," the statement said.▤BF1211R,215▢In 2017, they filed their first legal complaint with documents they said proved the killings were an "operation carefully planned by the Turkish secret services".▥


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