♙Altria said in a statement to NPR that all its contracts "meet and often exceed the law" with regard to child labor and that 97.6% of its contracted growers achieved certification. When asked what the consequences would be for growers if children under 16 were found working, Altria directed NPR to the GAP Connections compliance guide and said that "we evaluate why the grower was not certified and take appropriate actions, up to and including terminating our contract with the grower."¤


♦WASHINGTON — A British tobacco company has agreed to pay more than $629 million to settle allegations that it did illegal business with North Korea in violation of U.S. sanctions, the Justice Department said Tuesday.⇀GA1812A123GBAAT31G◆"Thefts of these Hyundai and Kia vehicles have led to at least eight deaths, numerous injuries and property damage, and they have diverted significant police and emergency services resources from other priorities," the AGs wrote.☼SMAJ5955AE3/TR13✌All the victims were male and at least some of them were from Venezuela, Sauceda said.❏0805J5000271KXT▶MARGARET BRENNAN: President Trump was offered the–⇁

☆The report put a particular focus on the six largest Asian subgroups — Chinese, Filipino, Indian, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese — which together account for roughly four in five Asians across the country.☞VJ0603D201FLXAJ♦Mujahid blamed the international organization for the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan through the restriction on Afghan banks, freezing of Afghan foreign reserves and the multiple sanctions against the Taliban. "Afghans," Mujahid said, "have the capacity to stand on their own feet."◣

①"Our job is to expand what we do in low-Earth orbit across the globe," said NASA's space station program manager Joel Montalbano.▫


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C2012JB1V685K125AC۰It's not immediately clear how the new drug will be used differently compared to naloxone, and some experts see potential downsides to its longer-acting effect. The drug will be available via prescription and is approved for patients 12 and older.○CL03C1R6BA3GNNH⇠Twitter, which launched in 2006, had already served key roles in other mass news events.▇

ぃHe insisted that he stole nothing from "Let's Get it On" when he wrote his tune.☭

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