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★Murfitt said he would not comment on the lawsuit, and Regier did not return telephone messages and an email seeking comment.↢

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↪"We are imposing further sanctions and measures to increase the costs to Russia and those who are supporting its war effort," the statement said. "We are also building on the success of our efforts to ensure that Russia is no longer able to weaponize the availability of energy against the world."♡

▪Sharif told an emergency cabinet meeting that, "politicians [in the past] were sent to jail in fake cases. Did any court ever take notice?"☛


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CDR34BP682AJYSAT➨The U.S. Postal Service released a Forever stamp on Friday honoring the Ponca tribe chief, a civil rights icon known for his "I Am a Man" speech.▨IRFH5007TR2PBF☪"This is a reality that we don't have to accept. The alarm bells about social media's devastating impact on kids have been sounding for a long time, and yet time and time again, these companies have proven they care more about profit than preventing the well-documented harm they cause," he said. "None of this is out of Congress's control."❏

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