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◧The operation, coordinated by European Union judicial cooperation agency Eurojust, aimed to dismantle a network that includes the 'ndrangheta, Colombian drug producers and paramilitary groups, and moves tons of cocaine to Europe and Australia each year.▪

➣And Gillian Frank, a historian of religion and sexuality and a visiting affiliate scholar at Princeton University, says Comstock embraced a devout form of Protestant Christianity that made him skeptical of ordinary people's ability to control their desires.❈


❤LOS ANGELES — "Are there any more real cowboys?" Neil Young sang Saturday night at the Hollywood Bowl on a rare evening when he was neither the headliner nor, at age 77, even close to the oldest artist on the bill.ºJANTXV1N4461♣More has been done this year too, including reviewing insurer networks, said Ellen Montz, deputy administrator and director of the federal Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight, part of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.☭1210Y1000271FCTΘ"I waited a year to get in with a rheumatologist, and we finally got the biopsy and we finally got blood work ordered, and I can't go do any of it because they canceled my insurance," she says.✲1812Y1K00392JER➺Rourke had been ill with pancreatic cancer, Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr said as he announced the news.➡

↹MARGARET BRENNAN: Well, part of that decision has to also be, you know, is this going to hurt me in the long term? Larry Fink, who, you know, he runs the world's largest asset manager, told investors a few days ago we could see more seizures and shutdowns coming. He said you could see something like the saving and loans crisis in the 80 seconds and the 90s where thousands of lenders just disappeared. Is he overstating it?◄VJ0805D3R3DLPAP☪Wood joked that no scandal has been more damaging than the scandal of: "Is Joe Biden awake?"♡


➽No word yet on what this all means for zoodles.⇐M39003/01-2482/PR❤Higher productivity is a really important finding. But what's probably most fascinating about this study is that it adds to a growing body of evidence that suggests that AI could have a much different effect on the labor market than previous waves of technological change.☭C1206X201J4HAC7800✌Sauceda said authorities were not ruling out the possibility that the crash was intentional, and noted that police were waiting on toxicology results to determine if Alvarez was impaired.↢GCM216R72A682JA37J◦Nebraska's restrictions on gender-affirming care wouldn't take effect until Oct. 1. The abortion ban will take effect as soon as the governor signs it. Bill opponents promised to sue to stop both measures.⊡

❁But there is an expectation that the federal government, including the nation's leading agencies on mental health and addiction, should play a role. Public policy and health experts say a vacuum of federal leadership could lead to serious wasted opportunities and missteps in the use of the billions that will be paid out over nearly two decades — in what could be an unfortunate reprise of the multibillion-dollar 1998 settlement with tobacco companies.Ю1N3741R◎In 2012, he won a Tony award for the stage play, One Man, Two Guvnors, and co-starred in Disney's film adaptation of the musical Into the Woods. Still, when he was tapped in 2015 to host CBS' The Late Late Show, many Americans likely didn't know who this energetic, glad-handing British guy actually was.☆


⇇But since the FTX meltdown, Moskowitz said O’Neal went to great lengths to evade the process servers, which wound up costing the attorneys over $100,000 and led to safety concerns for the process servers, he said.❀GRM0225C1H1R9CA03L➭Dhirendra Pratap Singh, an inspector at the Bersar Police Station in India, the town in which the four Indian victims of the crash lived, told CBS News' Arshad Zargar that he'd met with the four men's families and confirmed their identities from the video.ⓞVJ0603A470GXAAP⊙And it would grant more power to the country's electoral commission. That comes amid worries that Erdogan already has enough power — either in the government or among his backers in the streets — to overturn any election that he appears to lose.♛1206Y0500330JQT۰The derailment comes amid heightened attention to rail safety nationwide after a fiery derailment in February of Norfolk Southern railcars in East Palestine, Ohio. Half of the town's 5,000 residents were evacuated as emergency responders burned off chemicals to prevent an uncontrolled explosion.➼

◣The Credit Suisse parent bank is not part of EU supervision, but it has entities in several European countries that are. Credit Suisse is subject to international rules requiring it to maintain financial buffers against losses as one of 30 so-called globally systemically important banks, or G-SIBs.▣0805J0160121GFT☭By the end of next month, seven regional blocs will propose 20 names apiece of non-bishop members to Francis, who will select 10 names apiece to bring the total to 70.⊙


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