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▪But to the untrained eye, the unassuming white cap and stalk of the death cap can be confused with tasty edible mushrooms such as the paddy straw. Death caps grow widely in Europe and parts of North America (mostly in the western U.S. and Canada but in other areas as well, including the Northeast) and can easily fool foragers from countries where death caps don't exist but the lookalikes do.◢AOTF288L▮Body- and dash-camera footage shows that Uvalde Police Sgt. Daniel Coronado was the first supervising officer at the school. He arrived before Ramos entered the building at 11:33 a.m. The footage shows him parked nearby and taking cover as gunshots erupt. Coronado told investigators he then drove to the other side of Robb Elementary, thinking the gunman would try to flee in that direction.▨C971U472MVWDCAWL35↞The call for Roberts' testimony comes at a turbulent time for the court and its members. Concerns surrounding the lifetime appointees involve Justice Clarence Thomas, who, according to an investigation by ProPublica, failed to disclose 20 years of luxury trips with billionaire and Republican donor Harlan Crow.♤T495C157K004ATE250↓It's the first missile launch by North Korea in eight days, and comes five days after South Korea accused Pyongyang of flying five drones into South Korea's airspace for the first time since 2017.◀

☂José Velásquez Castellano started working in agriculture when he was 13 years old. Ten-hour days, five or six days a week, in North Carolina's summer heat. It was sometimes blueberries, sometimes cucumbers — but mostly, it was tobacco.↪NTE5653✣"It's very disturbing that weight bias is increasing as the number of people who are experiencing it are also increasing," says Tessa Charlesworth, a research fellow in psychology at Harvard University, who has worked on analyzing the data.➭


⇠Atiq Ahmad and his brother Ashraf were under police escort on their way to a medical checkup at a hospital on Saturday night when three men posing as journalists targeted the two brothers from close range in Prayagraj city in Uttar Pradesh state.✙1808J0630181KXT❒On Monday evening, police said 57-year-old Deanna Eckert had also died. Eckert was an executive administrative officer at the bank, according to a LinkedIn profile of the same name.↺NSB8BTHE3/45◀The strike and its disputes raise ethical questions for Fortmueller as a viewer. On one hand, she says, there are so many shows to watch, and only so much time. But she also wants to support full-length shows, and the writers behind them.➺0603YC103MAT2A⇥Daniels, the adult film actress behind one set of those allegations, sat down with TalkTV's Piers Morgan for a wide-ranging, 90-minute interview, touching on everything from her strained relationship with her parents to her reaction to the week's news. The conversation aired Thursday on Morgan's show, Uncensored.✦

•Former Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh launched the probe in 2019 and announced its completion in November, saying investigators had reviewed over 100,000 pages of documents dating back to the 1940s and interviewed hundreds of victims and witnesses. The report's contents weren't immediately released because they include information obtained from church officials via grand jury subpoenas, which are confidential proceedings in Maryland.☼CQ0603BRNPOYBN1R2✡As CBS News correspondent Mark Phillips reported several years ago, in a cruel irony, the climate change that wind farms are aimed at easing by shifting to green energy is actually making the Samis' centuries-old tradition of animal husbandry more difficult.✡


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2220Y2000103JFR☭"My discussion with the president, I think, was productive," McCarthy said. "Look, he's sitting on Air Force One, he had been sitting in meetings with other world leaders, and it's hard to try to get that update as we're going across there. I think we can solve some of these problems if he understands what we're looking at, but I've been very clear to him from the very beginning — we have to spend less money than we spent last year."⇓1210Y0630562KCT➲That's the company that inherited the mantle of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, the children's television program developed in the 1960s and known for its calm and reassuring tone. It's still producing media for children, including Doherty's series of shorts, Through the Woods, which is deliberately quiet.۰


⇀"Unlike other ways that state legislators may entrench their power or act in a countermajoritarian fashion (a pattern I've written about here), disciplinary actions are typically self-limiting," she added.⇛IM02EBR10K▩Abd El-Barr's brother-in-law, who was using the app and seeing consistent profits, convinced him to join. Skeptical at first, he started with an investment of just 6,000 Egyptian pounds (about $200) in February. It seemed to work as promised, as such scams often do, and he got his money back with profits, so he tripled his investment.◦MUN5314DW1T1G✿Popocatépetl volcano just outside Mexico City has been erupting occasionally since 1994, but over the past week it has rumbled every day.▩1812Y0500273MXT∴Florida has since announced its departure from ERIC.☆

◐Feinstein says she's looking forward to resuming her work on that panel, which includes consideration of President Biden's judicial nominees.☈CDR31BP220BFWMAB▍Brazzaville — The deadliest cholera outbreak in Malawi's history has killed at least 1,210 people, while vaccines remain scarce and several other African nations report outbreaks, the World Health Organization said Thursday. The southern African nation has been battling its worst cholera outbreak on record, with nearly 37,000 cases reported since March 2022.☼

↡The OMB working group has said it's looking into doing more testing of the combined question's effects by this August, and outside advisers to the bureau on its Census Scientific Advisory Committee have recommended additional tests and focus groups on specifically how Latinos would respond to this race-ethnicity question format.あ


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