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✈He said he would not rule out a short-term extension of the debt limit, but said "I think it should be for more than a year so we can move things along." He also said he was willing to "take a hard look" at giving up some unspent COVID-19 funding that Congress had appropriated. "We don't need it all," he said.◎GCM1885C2A4R7BA16D【It was not possible to evaluate the full extent of the human losses and material damage, he told local media.▧C0805C680K8HACAUTO✲In a copy of the April 13 memo first obtained by The Texas Observer, the new dress code — handed down by Sid Miller, the state's agriculture commissioner — is required by all employees as a part of a "dress code and grooming policy."░BZX84B75-HE3-08▶In New York, a bill to acknowledge the inhumanity of slavery in the state and create a commission to study reparations proposals has passed the Assembly but not received a vote in the Senate.↵

❤Many institutions across the U.S. have DEI offices aimed at diversifying staff and to promote inclusivity for faculty and students.●1206Y0630472FCR⊙The EVs will get an online software update to put AM back into the vehicles, and Ford will keep including it in future vehicles as it looks at innovative ways to deliver emergency alerts, Hall said.⇪


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CKC33C103JEGAC7210⇊For Fox, what evidence dribbled out in court hearings and court documents piled embarrassment upon embarrassment upon disgrace:1111J6307P50DQT☣The birds have been protected as an endangered species by federal law since 1967 and by California state law since 1971.▥

☎For several years now, a persistent La Niña pattern in the equatorial Pacific Ocean has been easing some of the worst temperature rises, as well as shaking up precipitation patterns. But the World Meteorological Organization says that's all about to change.


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12061C272K4T2A♦This year, Americans United for Life and Democrats for Life of America put out a joint position paper urging policymakers to "make birth free." Among their suggestions are automatic insurance coverage, without deductibles or copays, for pregnancy and childbirth; eliminating payment incentives for cesarean sections and in-hospital deliveries; and a "monthly maternal stipend" for the first two years of a child's life.▶2220Y1K20330FCT₪"He inspired 3 generations of poker players w his play, his award winning book 'Super System,' and his fabulous style and grit," Hellmuth said in a tweet. "Doyle always played hard: the man absolutely hated losing!! Doyle ruled the high stakes cash games in Las Vegas for 50 years!!"▬


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VJ0805D6R2BXBAP☀The joint team from the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Pisa discovered the remains of a primitive refrigeration system, a large oven, benches for diners and around 150 serving bowls.♟1206J1500240KQT✉In the lawsuit, Zwerner's attorneys say all of the defendants knew the boy "had a history of random violence" at school and at home, including an episode the year before, when he "strangled and choked" his kindergarten teacher.⇇


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