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C320C330F3G5TA7301♡Biden also struck serious notes, emphasising the importance of a free press. He said of Evan Gershkovich, the Wall Street Journal journalist detained in Russia on espionage charges, that he was "working every day to secure his release."✦BC212LB_D74Z☇Hidalgo and some of her deputies campaigned to banish the "free floating" rental flotilla — so called because scooters are picked up and dropped off around town at their renters' whim — on safety, public nuisance and environmental cost-benefit grounds before the capital hosts the Olympic Games next year.☞


⇐And so, an incomplete list of really dumb things that could not make anyone cry:✂C1206X430K5HAC7800➹The proposal is in line with a larger push by the EPA under President Joe Biden to restore dozens of federal environmental protections that were rolled back by Trump's administration, including reinstating rigorous environmental reviews for large infrastructure projects, protecting thousands of waterways and preserving endangered species.卐1812CC103KAT1Q✤Clare Nowland, who had dementia, had been hospitalized in Cooma in New South Wales state since her skull was fractured when she fell on May 17 after Constable Kristian White shocked her with a stun gun.۰1808JA250220FCTSPUღMabry, who opened Pearl Bar in 2013, said she decided to open the bar to provide a safe space for those in the LGBTQ+ community. But given the slew of anti-LGBTQ+ bills passing through the Texas Legislature, she believes it has impacted her business' chance for a new policy.♀

∎He prayed on this decision and consulted with his family. Then, in mid-December, he got the good news: His transfer was successful. He committed to the University of Michigan on a scholarship and joined the Big Ten Conference.→VJ0805D100GXBAT✚Some 16,000 Americans had been registered in Sudan before the convoys' departures. Families of trapped Americans in Sudan have criticized the U.S. for initially ruling out a U.S.-run evacuation, The Associated Press reported.➸

▌India asked instead for the World Bank to appoint an expert to look at the dams, which is less of an escalation.➸


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1812Y2500103MXT×One of the two deaths was a mother of 10 who was killed in what appeared to be an otherwise minor crash in Michigan's Upper Peninsula in the summer of 2021. Police reports show that a metal inflator fragment hit her neck in a crash involving a 2015 Chevrolet Traverse SUV.◁IMC1210BN101J◇Body- and dash-camera footage shows that Uvalde Police Sgt. Daniel Coronado was the first supervising officer at the school. He arrived before Ramos entered the building at 11:33 a.m. The footage shows him parked nearby and taking cover as gunshots erupt. Coronado told investigators he then drove to the other side of Robb Elementary, thinking the gunman would try to flee in that direction.↔


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IRKT92/10A♜The law, which went into effect April 14, means Colorado will not participate in any out-of-state investigations involving providers or recipients of abortion or gender-affirming care. Similar to the bill in Minnesota, that includes ignoring search warrants, arrests, subpoenas, summons, or extraditions to another state, as long as the activity took place in Colorado and there is no indication those involved broke Colorado law.▧BSO350N03◘"But we need policies in place that will keep this from happening again, so that thoughts and prayers do not have to be offered to yet another community ripped apart by the savage violence coming from guns," he added.⇃

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