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♥Airlines delayed and canceled a staggering number of flights last year — more than 210,000 were canceled, according to the flight tracking firm FlightAware. "Other than the early months of the pandemic, that's more canceled flights than any year since 2001, when, of course, 9/11 disrupted air travel," Delattre says.↵C325C271GAG5TA♦Fox's chief media host and correspondent, Howard Kurtz, barely touched on the case. He finally told viewers he had been forbidden from covering it by his corporate bosses.▥TSZL52C11 RWG↠Tacopina said the claims were too absurd to call his client as a witness, noting that Carroll expected jurors to believe Trump would risk everything to attack a woman in a busy department store even though she couldn't remember exactly when the assault happened.♘1825Y1K00820JCT▩Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh warned that Israel will "pay the price" for the killings. "Assassinating the leaders with a treacherous operation will not bring security to the occupier, but rather more resistance," said Haniyeh.☢

✐People can even be fired for being seen as overweight because it isn't a protected category under the federal worker protection agency the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.☪GA1206A680KXEBC31G⏎Three climbers were attempting to ascend the frozen Raven Falls near Indian Canyon when the formation broke and collapsed, according to a press release from the Duchesne County Sheriff's Office.↞

✃NPR obtained an audio recording of an excerpt of the talk from Lauren Windsor, a liberal activist and consultant, who acquired them from an attendee. Vihstadt authenticated the governor's remarks.☻


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C1210X160M5HACAUTO☀"They are directly caused by our federal government's role in the enslavement and exploitation of Africans and Black people throughout our history."✦VJ1206A8R2DXBMT▃The attorneys also cited a 1966 U.S. Supreme Court case in which justices sided against Georgia lawmakers who tried to exclude a newly elected lawmaker — Julian Bond, who later became chair of the NAACP — because he endorsed criticism of the Vietnam War.↯


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CKC33C393MWGAC7210↚Philadelphia 76ers player James Harden kept his word by inviting Michigan State University shooting victim John Hao to a game, and sealed the deal by giving him a pair of autographed sneakers.❧VLS2010ET-2R2M-CA✚For Credit Suisse investors, the takeover deal has meant losses. Shareholders collectively will get 3 billion francs in the combined company, while investors holding about 16 billion francs ($17.3 billion) in higher-risk Credit Suisse bonds were wiped out.▌


☾A 17-year-old died Saturday after a sand dune collapsed on top of him in the Outer Banks in North Carolina, the National Park Service said.➸2STD2360T4↔Citing the U.S. Embassy in Nepal, NBC News reported that the man was Dr. Jonathan Sugarman, a retired faculty member whose work focused on national and global health concerns. He did not die from a climbing-related accident or inclement weather, the International Mountain Guides said.♕1210Y2000102MET▶Compared to recent actions by Republican-controlled legislatures elsewhere, the broad prohibition after 12 weeks can be viewed as less onerous to those in other states where the procedure has been banned almost completely. But abortion-rights activists have argued that it's more restrictive than meets the eye and will have far-reaching consequences. Since Roe was overturned, many patients traveling from more restrictive states have become dependent on North Carolina as a locale for abortions later in pregnancy.❀BAS16HT1↺According to the suit, officers made "false representations" to her regarding Nichols' physical condition.➥

⇜NPR's Se Eun Gong contributed to this report in Seoul.♩VJ0603D390KLAAC☌He added: "More broadly, Iran's practices of arbitrary and unjust detentions, forced confessions and politically motivated executions are completely unacceptable and must end."➶


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