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⇥Kobos told NPR, "It was just nerve-wracking to not have much of a sense of anything and then to be told we might not get paid past Friday. We weren't able to be told if that means we would then be furloughed. But we were told, you know, if the strike's still going on into Monday, we could apply for unemployment."⇗0805Y300P400DQT☚The Florida legislation doesn't address the federal prohibition outright. Its supporting documents note that the EPA allows some uses for research purposes — and it asserts that phosphogypsum is not technically a "solid waste."➹2225J5000102JCT➱On a recent afternoon, they walk slowly along the rows of freshly dug graves, the mounds of dirt covered in ribbons with pictures and flowers, a slight dusting of snow lingering on the petals.☆NLV25T-1R0J-EFD↳That leaves abortion opponents at something of a crossroads: Will they follow Hyde's example and champion policies that expand and protect access to care? Or will women's health suffer under the movement's victory?◎

↦After McGrath failed to appear at Baltimore's federal courthouse on March 13, Murtha said he believed McGrath, who had moved to Naples, Florida, was planning to fly to Maryland the night before. Instead of beginning jury selection, a judge issued an arrest warrant and dismissed prospective jurors.☞IXFR100N25▼The reaction to the Paralympics TikTok videos has been overwhelmingly negative — but not entirely so. Those who run the account, and some of the athletes who have been featured on it, say it's an important way to increase visibility.❣


➨Scott did pick up one key endorsement as he begins his campaign. Sen. John Thune of South Dakota — the No. 2 Republican in the chamber — is backing his friend and colleague. Thune also appeared at the kickoff rally in North Charleston.↕VJ1206A270FXEAR✒Nevertheless, the National Transportation Safety Board has said that turbulence causes the most common types of accidents aboard aircraft. From 2009 to 2022, the National Transportation Safety Board tallied 163 "serious injuries" resulting from turbulence. The types of injuries tracked include major fractures, serious burns, internal bleeding or any other injury requiring two or more days of hospitalization. Flight crews incurred 80% of all such injuries, the NTSB notes.»1206Y2503P90DQT£"No U.S. citizen was in the convoy," Nigerian police spokesman Ikenga Tochukwu confirmed.✁CUS15S30,H3F↲"NHTSA will continue to monitor this issue, spread awareness of further updates to local authorities, and lend its expertise in efforts to strengthen motor vehicle safety," the spokesperson said.▪

▯The families alleged that the companies did more than passively provide platforms for communication. Rather, they contended that by recommending ISIS videos to those who might be interested, the internet platforms were seeking to get more viewers and increase their ad revenue, even though they knew that ISIS was using their services as a recruitment tool.◦SMBJ5953A/TR13¤We knew that Saddam had WMD in the 80s. After all, he had used chemical weapons against the Iranians and against his own people in the 1980s.  And, we monitored his nuclear program for years.▥


↦France and Italy said they would accommodate all their citizens who want to leave, as well as those of other countries who could not otherwise join an evacuation operation.▬CGA5C2C0G1H822J060AA£"If I had to pick which side to be on, and I had to win to save my life, I would probably choose to be on the prosecution's side simply because the jury pool in Manhattan is so incredibly against Donald Trump," he said in an interview with NPR.▉1206Y5000330KAT☼McCarthy, whose remarks echoed a speech he gave at the New York Stock Exchange on Monday, said the plan would also repeal key parts of Democrats' signature legislative package — the Inflation Reduction Act — as well as President Biden's program to cancel college student debt, which is currently tied up in courts.◙BZX84-B5V1/DG/B3:2◣Harris' group includes Washington-area billionaire Mitchell Rales, the basketball Hall of Famer Johnson and David Blitzer, among others. Harris and Blitzer have owned the NBA's Philadelphia 76ers since 2011 and the NHL's New Jersey Devils since 2013.□

↴"Now the time has come for me to say goodbye, to the court where I made my name, to the game that gave me purpose and pride," Anthony said. "With this bittersweet goodbye to the NBA, I am excited about what the future holds for me."☣AQ12EM100GAJME\250V○Groups representing nurses and hospitals argue that such laws address the daily reality of aggressive or agitated patients who sometimes become violent. Still, such interventions are relatively new. Critics worry that establishing hospital police forces will escalate violence in health care settings and could have unintended effects.♀

☛A nearby wall is gouged with red tinged markings so it resembles diseased or battered skin. Norton explains that Mutu first created such a wall in 2004 to express her frustration while waiting to become an American citizen. In the exhibition catalog, Mutu adds: "I wanted to find a way to resolve and understand what was happening to me and other people who come to the United States and who cross borders. I felt deep sadness and became obsessed with Rwandan genocide, which I felt had a lot to do with borders and confining or defining people through colonization and eugenics."▩


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C0805C562M5JAC7800✍The transportation sector contributed the largest share of greenhouse gas emissions nationwide in 2020, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. But rail only accounts for about 2% of those emissions.⇕C1206C224JMREC⇕In fact, most sperm don't get very far. Crossing the uterus to get to the egg in whichever uterine tube it is in means navigating an immense distance with lots of crevices to get lost in and immune cells to evade.▧

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