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♨"That was the last parent that we had left after the pandemic took away our dad from us," he says. "We really weren't prepared for that as we were still dealing with losing my dad." Virginia had recovered from a severe case of COVID for which she'd been hospitalized, and Lerma's family wonders if the strokes may have been a post-COVID complication.➷


۰Kirby ticked off a list of actions taken by Trump that impacted the withdrawal: "When President Trump took office, there was more than 10,000 American troops in Afghanistan. He took it down to 2,500. He negotiated the release of 5,000 Taliban prisoners that were being held by the Ghani government without consultation with the Ghani government. He negotiated the Doha Agreement with the Taliban without the Ghani government in the room. And he all but froze the Special Immigrant Visa program, which had been providing opportunities for some of our Afghan allies to get out of the country and to come — and to come back."⇗VJ0603A272JXJPW1BC■"This appears to be likely bot accounts on Facebook that follow stories posted by police, sheriff's departments, news organizations, etc. and reply via Facebook comments with shortened URLs that purport to link to a YouTube video," Larson said. "These URLs use custom shortening services and, when clicked, the URL will try and capture user data and or redirect them to spam or malicious downloads."♡M39014/23-0201TR1↞"National Pumpkin Radio," Musk wrote, adding a fire emoji and a laughing emoji to describe the content of the fictional gourd-themed broadcaster. "NPR isn't tagged as government-funded anymore, so what's the beef?"•HBAT-540C-TR1↩Congress, too, has TikTok in its crosshairs. A bill that has gathered bipartisan momentum would give the Department of Commerce the ability to ban apps controlled by "foreign adversaries," a label that could apply to TikTok.♀

♂The number of pedestrians killed rose 13%, and cyclist fatalities were up 2% for the year. The number of unbelted passengers killed rose 8.1%, while fatalities involving alcohol-impaired driving were up 14%.☆SC73-560◇Nuzzo also argues that "we should be using this period of relative quiet to strengthen our surveillance of serious respiratory infections that land people in the hospital."✤


➳One man and one child were seriously injured, a woman was grazed by a bullet and another man was "shot at but not injured." One adult remained hospitalized as of Wednesday, police chief Stephen Zill said in a statement.▧SK54BHM4G◎Treaty negotiations initially were anticipated to conclude Friday, but stretched through the night and deep into Saturday. Rebecca Hubbard, the director of the High Seas Alliance, called it a "two week long rollercoaster ride of negotiations and super-hero efforts in the last 48 hours."◪VJ1808A100KCRAT☻Cosgrove is not the first officer to be removed from a police department after misconduct only to be hired elsewhere. The phenomenon known as "wandering cops" has been an issue for decades in the U.S. in part because there is a lack of national coordination to keep track of officers with a history of misconduct.⇛VLF403210MT-1R0N-CA■the arrests."⇐

▨Diesel exhaust is a health hazard. According to California regulators, diesel emissions are responsible for some 70% of Californians' cancer risk from toxic air pollution. The rule would curb emissions on a class of engines that annually release more than 640 tons of tiny pollutants that can enter deep into a person's lungs and worsen asthma, and release nearly 30,000 tons of smog-forming emissions known as nitrogen oxides. The rule would also drastically cut greenhouse gas emissions from locomotives, by an amount akin to removing all heavy-duty trucks from the state by 2030.⇅C1812C101JZGAC7800⊡The report says changes adopted in 2019 that exempted all but the biggest banks from strict scrutiny — along with a cultural shift towards less-assertive policing of banks — allowed problems at Silicon Valley Bank to fester until it was too late.◘


┲And defusing that bomb becomes a political problem at the highest levels when a Democratic president like Biden must deal with at least one chamber of Congress controlled by Republicans — as is now the case with the House.⇄1808J0160561MXT▒Top diplomats, including the U.S. Secretary of State, the U.N. secretary-general, the EU foreign policy chief, the head of the Arab League and the head of the African Union Commission urged the sides to stop fighting. Members of the U.N. Security Council, at odds over other crises around the world, called for an immediate end of the hostilities and a return to dialogue.↲CCR05CH150JMVTR1♨The governor didn't go into detail about why he believes Perry should be pardoned, but he cited Perry's attorney's explanation that Perry shot Foster in self-defense.◥K121K15C0GK5UL2⇎The televised parade featured thousands of goose-stepping Russian soldiers but limited military hardware.➹

◙In acknowledging the adverse effects of increasing workload, lack of sleep, and other occupational stress on a doctor's ability to provide quality care, the Pledge has incorporated the concept of physician wellness into its most recent version, "I will attend my own health, well-being, and abilities in order to provide care of the highest standard." Eventually, Chin-Quee successfully manages his depression, and is able to stand up for himself and to look out for others.⊙VJ0402D2R0CXXAJⓛClinton was accused of giving false testimony to a grand jury, which amounts to perjury, and obstruction of justice. It happened in 1998, as Clinton dealt with the fallout from his affair with a White House intern, Monica Lewinsky.☁


↓And next month, Hayes and 25 of their friends will be getting their own private prom.✿BZX85B22-TR✥But now, the treaty is facing its toughest test in decades. "The level of mistrust is at the highest," says Jamaat Ali Shah. He used to represent Pakistan on a bilateral commission that oversaw the implementation of the Indus Waters Treaty.♗C0603X104M5REC7867♨The Biden administration is seeking new regulations to address the unexpected costs and inconveniences experienced by passengers after the widespread flight disruptions this past winter.◢2211YA256P80CCTSP♣Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim and Sikh leaders will take part in various aspects of the coronation, the Archbishop of Canterbury's office said Saturday, as it revealed details of a service it described as an act of Christian worship that will reflect contemporary society.█

➞Makenzi has been on hunger strike for the past four days while in police custody.▼BZX55B16 A0G↨Pregnancy is often talked about as though it's a light switch. You're a regular person walking around and then a switch flips — presto, you're pregnant.♤

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