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0805Y5000181JAT■After a week of battles that hindered rescues, U.S. special forces swiftly evacuated 70 U.S. Embassy staffers from Khartoum to Ethiopia early Sunday. Although American officials said it was too dangerous for a government-coordinated evacuation of thousands of private citizens, other countries scrambled to remove their citizens as well as their diplomats.♝0805J0500681GFT□Many Sudanese, along with Egyptians and other foreigners who could not get on flights, risked the long and dangerous drive to the northern border into Egypt.↪

⇑And a poll this week from KFF found that 65% of Medicaid enrollees across the country didn't know states can now remove people from the program if they are not eligible or don't complete the renewal process.⇂

✣Collaborations took center stage for most of the three-hour show. Country Music Hall of Famer Wynonna Judd and Ashley McBryde performed a cover of Foreigner's "I Want to Know What Love is" while heavy fog rolled over the stage and into the crowd.☜


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C1812C472G1HAC7800▌In 2019, over 30 horse deaths occurred at California's Santa Anita racetrack, rattling the industry and leading to safety reforms. Kentucky Derby-winning trainer Rick Dutrow had his license revoked in 2011 for 10 years by New York officials. Regulators found syringes loaded with unauthorized medication in a desk in his barn. Dutrow served his punishment and re-opened his stable last month.➱GRM2165C1H392FA01D☞Just a day after pleading not guilty to separate charges in the U.S., Santos appeared remotely in a criminal court in the Brazilian suburb of Niterói.❂

✍Previously, FDA guidelines for donating blood — which were last updated in 2020 — stated that men who have sex with men are allowed to donate blood after a three-month deferral period in which they refrain from having sex with another man.▪


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