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★Paraguay doesn't have a runoff, so whoever of the 13 candidates received the most votes would be the next president.→DL4748A✪"Kinsley is one of 4 kids in the family who will be in need of therapy and who will have to do without while their dad is out of work," wrote the organizer, who identified herself as White's sister.↶0603J0250820JCT❄Chairman of the Senate Armed Service Committee Jack Reed has called the leak a "major security breach that cannot be allowed to happen again" and said Congress will take "corrective steps."☼0805Y0250270JCR▨Aided by volunteers, Sudanese doctors are improvising to provide life-saving medical care. They pool what little medications are in stock, distributing them to the neediest patients. In addition, they have set up medical triage networks — including hotlines and websites that civilians can use to request help. They also organized mobile teams of community volunteers that can be dispatched to patients' homes to render first aid and identify those in most need of hospital transport.웃

☀According to a series of previous reports from NPR, these kinds of fake bomb threats and hoax school shooting calls have been happening for nearly a year at hundreds of schools across the country — and they share a pattern similar to what happened at Canyon Ridge.♦C1206C105J4REC7210↔Reynolds and her mother are among a large group of Americans grappling with the financial consequences of cognitive decline.◊

⇋There is also the issue of the black flies. Joe Otoo is a village health team member who first encountered nodding syndrome in northern Uganda's Kitgum district in 1998. Team members like Otoo help with mobilizing communities to gain better health care from Uganda's regional and central governments.▫


↬Anti-gay sentiment in Uganda has grown in recent weeks amid alleged reports of sodomy in boarding schools, including a prestigious one for boys where a parent accused a teacher of abusing her son. Authorities are investigating that case.ºSI1303EDL-T1-E3↕Today, it seems intuitive that articles are shared on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, but the concept of a "news feed" has its roots in virality. In its early days, BuzzFeed was between a content company and a platform; it was still unclear how the company could be both editorial and scalable. But looking at the rise of Facebook and Twitter, BuzzFeed realized that these tech companies would one day be their source of revenue, similar to how older media companies like CNN relied on cable networks to provide channels for them. In 2012, Facebook even offered to buy BuzzFeed, but Peretti turned it down. Instead, Smith recalls, Peretti proposed the two work as partners in a kind of thought experiment, with the intent of further indulging in his obsession with BuzzFeed "taking informational content and packaging it with emotion and wit so it spreads on Facebook and other social platforms."☃CGA3E2NP01H332J080AA▣"We don't know for sure that Haley typed that draft, but we do know that his byline was on the story," Eig said. For drastic changes like the ones he found, Eig said, "I can't believe that Haley would have signed off on that without having seen it. I think either way, it's journalistic malpractice."☁1110-3R9M-RC➭President Joe Biden requested $15 billion over the next 10 years in his 2024 budget to fund expanded access to the Community Eligibility Program. The administration says this would expand the program to an additional 9 million children around the country.▄

❖Polls show voters are currently more concerned with other issues, namely the economy. But Democratic pollster Celinda Lake says if the situation at the border gets worse, that could elevate the issue in the minds of voters. "I think the challenge is when people aren't paying very much attention, they will be unduly influenced by dramatic photos and dramatic statements," Lake said.✏MUR440GP-TP♠"One of the things that [researchers] have found that really reduces your risk of tick-borne illness is to bathe or shower as soon as possible after going indoors," Prusinski said. Ideally, she added, that would be within two hours.▒


⇟For the moment, the White House insists its new rules should help manage the border in a post-Title 42 era. But Biden himself has acknowledged the months ahead hold a lot of uncertainty.◦1210-562F☜Salazar would obtain cars that were driven to Mexico, where drugs were loaded into the engine compartments. Couriers would then drive them back across the border into the U.S., prosecutors said.▩1812J0250100GFT↶As such, Fox attorneys had sought to keep any potential liability against the cable network separate from that against the parent company. They also resisted requests from Dominion during the early stages of the lawsuit for information about the Murdoch family because, as Fox argued, "they were only affiliated with Fox Corporation," Dominion attorney Justin Nelson said on Tuesday.◇DXT751Q-13He said the party had an appealing "product" for voters, including younger voters, with an emphasis on low government regulation, low taxes and local governmental control.◇

ⓞRecords filed with the Pennsylvania Secretary of State show that Hamlin applied on May 1 to update Chasing M's articles of incorporation, including its mission. Chasing M's Foundation will support "the aspirations of youth and community members through sports, education" and other activities and "promote health and safety in sports through CPR & AED training."◦IMC1812RQ150K↞The closure will begin Friday at 10 p.m. More flooding is possible throughout May and June, the park said.◥

➽The challenges highlight the narrow path McCarthy faces to pass major legislation with a slim majority. He'll face a much tougher battle to pass a bipartisan plan to address the debt limit to avoid a financial default for the country.♂

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