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3090R-821F⇓Chanelle Helm, the lead organizer of Black Lives Matter Louisville, said Cosgrove's return to the police force showed the impunity often afforded to law enforcement.➤IKW30N65ES5XKSA1❦The German government will not object if Poland decides to send Leopard 2 battle tanks to Ukraine, Germany's top diplomat said Sunday, indicating movement on supplying weapons that Kyiv has described as essential to its ability to fend off an intensified Russian offensive.◙

⇂"This is a scale that we have not seen in conflict since World War II." Rapp said. He noted Ukraine has suffered an estimated $127 billion in damage — homes, schools, public buildings, companies, infrastructure — not to mention "just the horror that's been visited directly on civilians or civilians targeted for torture and rape and detention." He suggested that if there isn't "some kind of accountability," the international community would be giving Russia a kind of "off-ramp" to carry out more aggression.▢


☪A teenage boy opened fire at a school in the Serbian capital of Belgrade on Wednesday, killing eight students and a school security guard, according to police. Another six children and a teacher were wounded and are receiving hospital care.▱SR211C103KARTR2-85↷Old Dominion frontman Matthew Ramsey used the band's win for group of the year to address recent divisiveness and gun violence. He referenced the party atmosphere of the show but said he also recognized that "there are people obviously hurting in the world right now trying to figure out how to make sense of the divisiveness and shootings and things like that."◙C0603JB1E151K030BA⇂"As it ripped the roof off, the shower curtain fell," Milam, 26, said Sunday. "So I'm trying to dig through the shower curtain and see. I saw darkness and then rain started to fall."⇇2225J2500561FCT➣Planning for only a two-hour drive, Lillian had only a few snacks, some candy and a bottle of wine, which she'd intended as a gift for her mother. Lillian doesn't drink, police said, but she eventually consumed the bottle, her only liquid.⇓

▣Smith, formerly of BuzzFeed News, said he witnessed up close the breakup of news publishers with platforms.♐440LS10GN-R☋Tangaraju was hanged Wednesday morning and his family was given the death certificate, according to a tweet from activist Kirsten Han of the Transformative Justice Collective, which advocates for abolishing the death penalty in Singapore.▷


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CWR29KC226KCHB\TR☆"They reached out to me given the soft tissue injuries, and I agreed we'd be able to help in this case," Dr. Fufa told CBS MoneyWatch.♩DE1B3RA681KA4BQ01F☭Guam has a long record of tropical storms. Typhoon Karen, a Category 5 storm in 1962, killed 11 people and left thousands homeless. Typhoon Omar slammed into the island in 1992, injuring dozens of people, destroying houses and cutting power all over the island. Typhoon Pongsona, a Category 4 storm, struck in 2002.▓

웃2. ""St. Louis Blues"" — Handy's Memphis Blues Band (1922)↑


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