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➢Since then, more than 8 million Ukrainians have registered as refugees in Europe and another 5.3 million have become internally displaced, according to the U.N. refugee agency. But these statistics reflect only a small part of the struggle civilians are going through. With the insufficient financial resources and policies in place that, according to scholars of international law, harm civilians and prevent families from reuniting, for most refugees, displacement has become not a single, lifesaving event but rather a chronic condition of uncertainty and precarity.₪CMDZ5245B BK유He said he was rescued from the roof by paramedics and treated for a sprained ankle.⇏C0603C0G500-470JNE♀"They were both really tall, and I'm about 5 feet tall and small. And they were clearly drunk," she recalled.➺0505J2500510JQT↩"More answers are still needed," the Rhode Island Democrat said in a statement. "There are systemic issues that need to be addressed, including protocols for how intelligence is handled, the security clearance process, and how officials can prevent intelligence leaks like this from ever happening again."☂

↠Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt pledged to sign "every piece of pro-life legislation that came across my desk." He has kept that promise. One of the three Oklahoma abortion bans comes with criminal penalties including felony charges and up to five years in prison for anyone who administers, prescribes, or "advises" a woman on an abortion. The stakes for interpreting the laws correctly are high for doctors and hospitals.➳VJ0402D2R0BLBAP☃A former auctioneer has pleaded guilty to selling fake Jean Michel-Basquiat paintings, the Department of Justice said Tuesday.۰


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2220Y1K00122MXT◙The school posted about the David incident on Facebook, sharing a photo of the statue and writing: "We have always shared David with our scholars and will continue to do so. We will follow our policy and notify our parents in advance so they can make their own decision if it is age appropriate for their child."✄CWR26MC106MBHA\HR♦Videos and photos that residents shared with The Washington Post showed impassable roads throughout the island. Floodwater obscured streets throughout the capital, Hagatna. All but 1,000 of the Guam Power Authority’s 52,000 customers had lost power by Wednesday afternoon, the agency said in a statement.☻


✲"We the police treat this matter with extreme significance," he said in a press conference on Friday.▣1808J1000151KDT↰Earlier this year, Nadal pulled out of matches in Monte Carlo, Monaco; Madrid and Rome. Though, he said Thursday he would still like to play in the Olympics, which will be held in Paris next summer.☪0603Y0630150GFT▔Capital punishment is currently legal in 27 states, but it's falling out of favor with lawmakers. Four states (Colorado, New Hampshire, Washington and Virginia) have dropped the death penalty in the past five years.▫1206J0106P80CCT☜Civilians in the capital are bearing the brunt of the clashes, with millions trapped in their homes, humanitarian workers unable to deliver supplies and medical facilities under attack.◨

☜Facebook's parent company, Meta, is doling out the payments to settle a lawsuit alleging it allowed Cambridge Analytica, a former British political consulting firm used by the 2016 Donald Trump presidential campaign, to access about 87 million users' personal information.♪592D105X0035A2T15H♪"Unfortunately, most of these schemes are the result of bad actors receiving stolen Medicare beneficiary information," Scott Lampert, assistant inspector general for investigations, tells KFF Health News.Θ


▫Officials say those who venture into superbloom territory should check the forecast before they go, know their body's limits and respect the natural landscapes.⇉C0805C120K1HAC7800➵Late last month, a new Kentucky law took effect that bars state and local law enforcement from assisting in any federal bans on guns, ammunition or firearms accessories.⇎0805J0250823MXT◐Colombia has proposed transferring at least 70 of the animals to India and Mexico to control their population. Last month, officials said it would cost about $3.5 million to deport the hippos.↕C328C519DAG5TA◐That includes co-workers like Towarnicki, who dropped her work hours at her day job after having her son to keep working as a sexual assault nurse examiner. That meant adding three years to her student loan repayment schedule. Now, pregnant with her second child, the work still feels worth it, she said.⊙

ぃAustralia's government will crack down on recreational vape sales and enforce a requirement that products such as e-cigarettes be sold only in pharmacies with a prescription.▶1210J0250684MXT♈Some interventions on the ground suggest the disease can be curbed by eradication efforts against black flies and the roundworm. In northern Uganda starting in 2009, efforts to control Simulium fly populations and the distribution of anti-parasitic drugs like ivermectin were rolled out in many rural villages affected by onchocerciasis. Since then, new cases of nodding syndrome have decreased dramatically.✂


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T354A105M035ASThe training at Fort Sill was first reported by CNN.✁CD70-B2GA101KYNKA◈In December, CBS Philadelphia reported the Penn Museum helped to make a historic find in northern Iraq — an Assyrian palace in the ancient city of Nimrud. An Iraqi excavation team worked with researchers at the University of Pennsylvania Museum to find the palace.☪


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