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✃The U.S. has never defaulted on its debt before.♜


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1N4769♞A previous version of this article referred to Gabrielle Union as Dwyane Wade's partner. She is his wife.♡C1812C274K4JACAUTO☞Three legislators in Tennessee were on the chopping block. Gloria Johnson, a white woman, was spared expulsion by just one vote. Same behavior. Two different outcomes.❄

➸"For us to say we're OK, not only is that not true because of the trauma, but it's also not true theologically," he told NPR. "We come broken and with nothing to offer of our own righteousness but fully dependent on God's good grace."⇎


♔Nationwide, policymakers have been slow to offer training, funding, and support for the work. Some states and health facilities are trying to expand access to sexual assault response programs.◐C0805X7R251-103MNE➘The huge order by Summit Ridge Energy "was made possible by the investments that we have made to expand American manufacturing and increase demand for clean energy,'' Harris said. "There is a nexus there. When we talk about the relationship between supply and demand, it is real.''☈MA1206XR471M500▌NPR spoke to Dr. Ghazali Babiker, country director for medical charity Médecins Sans Frontières in Sudan, who is in Khartoum.☭1808Y0630122FFT★If Hamas joins the fighting, it would likely trigger an even heavier Israeli response. Two years ago, Israel and Hamas fought a brief war that killed over 250 Palestinians and 13 people in Israel.♟

♪Officers Rex Engelbert and Michael Collazo said luck and training helped them subdue a shooter at a Nashville Christian school last month.↔SQCAEA101JAJME⇑"I'm getting reports that it was pretty bad," he said. He described it as a rural area, where residents mostly farmed, cut timber or worked construction jobs.☌

❐The egg and sperm each have 23 chromosomes (most other cells in the body have 46 — in 23 pairs). Through the process of fertilization, the 23 chromosomes from the egg and the 23 from the sperm join together and mix a bit to create a new, unique genetic blueprint.〓


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