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큐Status: Signed into law; goes into effect July 1▩4379R-565HS☢"We condemn such an irrational act that has jeopardized regional security and stability," a Ministry of Defense statement said.◪BRX45 PBFREE▫Police said that during some of the past collection efforts, people threw their weapons away in garbage containers or left them unattended instead of bringing them to police stations.↔1808J1K00681MDT⊟The German government, meanwhile, said it was providing Ukraine with additional military aid worth more than 2.7 billion euros ($3 billion), including tanks, anti-aircraft systems and ammunition.☪

◪At first, it seems like it's going to be a tedious summer of cleaning museum display cases. But then her boss takes her to a meeting at Mackinac State College where he's discussing the return of sacred and important cultural objects and the human remains of their ancestors that were stolen over the previous centuries and ended up in institutions. Perry is completely horrified by the revelation that her ancestors and their belongings are being treated like artifacts and denied their proper places of rest and respect. She is enraged by the labyrinthine laws and policies that allow institutions to delay their return indefinitely, not to mention private collectors who hoard things that they should never have had in the first place.✑MM3Z7V5➶"The stakes could not be higher for women across America. I will continue to fight politically-driven attacks on women's health. But let's be clear – the American people must continue to use their vote as their voice, and elect a Congress who will pass a law restoring the protections of Roe v Wade," Biden stated.♡

♖Davis said the actions made by individuals with no relationship to Fox – or what he called "third parties' looniness" – could unfairly prejudice the jury against Fox. While jurors could hear about the mere existence of threats, Dominion attorneys could not discuss the fine details of them, the judge said.◫


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CWR09KB685MP❁Also Friday, NHTSA posted documents showing that General Motors is recalling nearly 1 million vehicles equipped with ARC inflators. The recall covers certain 2014-2017 Buick Enclave, Chevrolet Traverse, and GMC Acadia SUVs.◐ECJ-0EF1H152Z¤Wedding retailer David's Bridal is filing for bankruptcy for the second time in five years, and is laying off 9,326 employees over four months, the company announced Monday.★

➫U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called for those responsible for the death of civilians, including three employees with the U.N. food agency, to be held accountable, according to his spokesman, Stéphane Dujarric.☪


☾MARGARET BRENNAN: There were reports that Warren Buffett, the legendary investor, has been talking to the Biden administration. Is that a way around that?♈VJ0805Y152MXBPW1BC◙When Walgreens this year announced its intention to dispense abortion medication in its retail stores, Republican attorneys general banded together to threaten legal action, prompting the company to rescind its decision in red states.▒C901U102MYWDBAWL35↩The remote tourist town of Exmouth, with fewer than 3,000 residents, was promoted as one of the best vantage points in Australia to see the eclipse that also crossed remote parts of Indonesia and East Timor.▲VJ0805D1R8DXAAC♖Three others were injured and taken to a hospital.↺

❈A 2019 report by Conservation International, a nonprofit environmental organization, estimated that total federal, state, county and private spending on conservation in Hawaii amounted to $535 million but the need was $886 million.✈VJ0603D110MXXAC⊿"I Know Momma Proud Of This One," Hurts said in an Instagram post on Saturday, under photos of him wearing his graduation cap and gown and posing with a diploma.


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