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2220J2500103GFR♂Scott Wiener, a former supervisor-turned-state senator who authored the original ban, agreed that the measure hadn't produced the intended results.☪C1210C390J1HAC7800♛But in the late 1960s, Douglas was pursued again by members of Congress upset with his lifestyle and cultural interests as well as his judicial rulings. One of his chief antagonists was a Republican congressman from Michigan named Gerald R. Ford, who would later be Nixon's vice president and then his successor.➟


▄But Jones, a senior policy strategist with the New Mexico ACLU, told NPR there needs to be a standardized policy for use of force across all of the state's law enforcement agencies.▒251R14S120JV4Y√"After an evaluation of the available facts and evidence, the Manhattan D.A.'s Office determined there was probable cause to arrest Daniel Penny and arraign him on felony charges. The investigation thus far has included numerous witness interviews, careful review of photo and video footage, and discussions with the Medical Examiner's Office. As this case proceeds, we will be constrained from speaking outside the courtroom to ensure this remains a fair and impartial matter," Bragg said in a statement shortly after the arraignment. "Jordan Neely should still be alive today, and my thoughts continue to be with his family and loved ones as they mourn his loss during this extremely painful time."☪2500-48F♪Learn more:▥GRM319R72A682MA01J➸It allows for a kiwi to be gently stroked on its back by members of the public if the bird was already being handled for another reason, such as rehabilitation, a site transfer or a routine health check.⚘

◩After decades of shunning space tourism, NASA now embraces it with two private missions planned a year. The Russian Space Agency has been doing it, off and on, for decades.ˍ2225J1K00821FCT☄The choir's appearance at the Crystal Palace was a triumph, Jaffer writes, with calls for encores.↧


↰In his first spoken part of the ceremony, Charles said that he has come to "serve, not to be served" and to follow the example of the "king of kings."✎CDR01BP390BJWRAT☌Let me now switch from pre-invasion to post-invasion.▐1PMT5924A/TR7▌Renner was crushed by his 7-ton snowplow on New Year's Day while trying to help free a relative's car at his Nevada home. The actor has said he broke numerous bones and suffered a collapsed lung and pierced liver in the accident.の0805J0630682KXT◦Kayla Delcoure runs social media for Pippi's Place, a cat rescue in Atlanta. She came up with a creative social post inspired by the online used-car retailer to help find its felines new homes.►

♨Both Pearson and Jones, alongside other Black legislators have spoken up about being systemically silenced on the statehouse floor. They have said it was either break the rules, or never be allowed to speak at all.❣C0402C152F8HACAUTO☼While Daniel's been making new friends at school and on his soccer team, he's really been missing Ukraine — and Aurora. At night, he hugs his stuffed bear, pretending it's her. Over the summer, Daniel sent her a video message. "Kisses for you," he says, blowing kisses at the camera.⇕

▌Late Saturday, tensions ran high in Jerusalem as a few hundred Palestinian worshipers barricaded themselves in the mosque, which sits on a hilltop in the heart of Jerusalem's Old City sacred to both Muslims and Jews. Israeli police efforts to evict the worshipers locked in the mosque overnight with stockpiled firecrackers and stones spiraled into unrest in the holy site earlier this week.♤


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1808J0630220JFT❤Ford found useful ammunition in some of Douglas' efforts to make money, in part to meet obligations from his three divorces. Douglas wrote more than 30 books, but he was also drawing an income from the Parvin Foundation, run by a Las Vegas casino owner-operator. This prompted Ford to accuse Douglas of consorting with both Communists and organized crime figures.➹CWR26HK336KBFA\TR➫"The KHRC is committed to the health and safety of every horse and rider and will follow the robust investigative procedures in place for issues of safety and racing integrity," Voskukl said in a statement, Louisville Public Media reported.▧

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