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That kind of capaciousness is also a notable stylistic quality of the novel. At times, we might wonder why almost every character has a backstory or why certain subplots exist. Ever the skillful surgeon, Verghese threads meaningful connections between macrocosmic and microcosmic details so elegantly that they are often barely noticeable at first. For example, the parallel narratives of the Parambil family, the Scottish doctor Digby Kilgour, and the Swedish doctor Rune Orquist seem like they could each be entire novels on their own. Instead, Verghese takes his time to reveal how everything, like the waterways there, is connected and eventually flows together.⇣1812Y0500330FFT♐Over the course of the next nine months, Scott proceeded to ship the man an ear, an arm, lungs, livers, kidneys, hands, breasts, penises, fetuses, skin, skulls and one whole human head. In exchange, he paid her $10,975 in 16 separate PayPal transfers. Each time, Scott returned the rest of the remains, cremated, to the school.❤VSKJ320-20▪However, Monahan's lawyer, Kurt Mausert, said the sheriff's account of what happened in the driveway and his characterization of his client as uncooperative are incorrect. His client had been afraid when he pulled the trigger, Mausert told WAMC/Northeast Public Radio.VJ1206A270KBAAT4X➵In November 2021, Semhar Fisseha shared how her COVID-19 infection morphed into long COVID and upended her life. Once an active parent, she became debilitated and needed a wheelchair for a time.⊞

⊙Luis was responsible for all of CIA's operations in country.✉12103D106KAT4A▢"It seemed like the right time to kind of go into the advanced practice role in that field," he says. --Rhitu Chatterjee↔


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APTM50DDA10T3G✏In April, Flowers’s investigators got an outside tip about Manchec plotting an escape, Flowers said at the news conference. Manchec allegedly started conspiring with two of his cellmates, paying one of their bonds so the cellmate could arrange and carry out the plan on the outside while living and operating from Manchec’s house. At the same time, Manchec was giving orders to his employees outside the jail, according to Flowers.◈GRM0335C2A9R9DA01D▣"We haven't really seen them as part of these negotiations in the past," she added. "So I think that's not necessarily a wild card, but it does change some of the stakes."↟

◩"This domestic interest takes precedence in Saudi decision-making over relationships with international partners and is likely to remain a point of friction in U.S.-Saudi relations for the foreseeable future," he said.⇛


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1812HC272KAZ2A⊙The activists' families point to documents they say prove the involvement of Turkey's spy agency (MIT). In 2014, MIT officially denied any role.▧GQM1555C2DR90BB01Dღ"A strike authorization vote has always been part of the WGA's plan, announced before the parties even exchanged proposals," the AMPTP said in a statement. "Our goal is, and continues to be, to reach a fair and reasonable agreement."♦

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2020R-22K♀She explained the book’s history, telling him it had probably been part of the library’s original collection, as well as a part of the inventory at another former location — the Carnegie Building, which was built in 1908.⊙SS1P6LHE3/84A◆Yet comparisons between the two began cropping up early in 2016, right about the time Trump's candidacy was bringing the word "populist" back into the daily political conversation.♨


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