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♕The all-cash deal faced stiff opposition from rival Sony and was also being scrutinized by regulators in the U.S. and Europe over fears that it would give Microsoft control of popular game franchises like Call of Duty, World of Warcraft and Candy Crush.▒CDR01BP150BJUS\M◁Karen Friedman Agnifilo, a lawyer who previously worked in the Manhattan District Attorney's Office supervising cases Merchan oversaw, told CNN that Trump likely wouldn't help his case by publicly criticizing the judge.⇝IRF730♣The Federal Reserve has been raising interest rates aggressively in an effort to curb inflation. The Fed is particularly worried about the rising price of services, which is largely driven by rising wages.♩GA1812Y683KXBAT31G♟Another backdrop is ideological: Where other countries might expand government subsidies or benefits, Americans, in a cultural narrative that celebrates self-reliance, tend to tackle social risks with abundant personal borrowing.☣

❃Lawyers for Tarrio — who spent Jan. 6 in a Baltimore hotel room, but who monitored the action from afar — argued he was a mere "scapegoat" for the Justice Department and a far easier target.⊙CWR11NK224KBA◆The leader calls him on stage and motions to his cheek, saying "first here," according to a live translation from the event. The boy obliges, and the Dalai Lama offers a hug, then continues holding onto the boy.↫


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C0402C561J4HAC7867↟"The fast foods don't help at all, and a lot of people just eat it every day, and that's a problem. It truly is," Weaver says. "But we have programs to help them. We even have a program where we take patients to the grocery store and we teach them what to buy."◐MBR1645-10HE3/45】On Thursday, the company released new data to support its aim of fast-track approval, including topline results from another study, called SURMOUNT-2, which shows weight loss of up to 15.7% among people with Type 2 diabetes and obesity. With these new results, the company now has all it needs to complete its submission to the FDA, with the potential for approval by the end of this year.♢

ⓞThe malicious Facebook links got the attention of Mike Shirley, who lives in the Twin Falls region near Canyon Ridge High School. "I think I stumbled across something very eyebrow raising on the social media comments," he wrote in an email to NPR a few days after the swatting incident in his area.↕

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☂"Stroke Ain't No Joke" was the first in what would become a series of hip-hop tracks using the musical genre "to build health literacy and ultimately support behavior change," says Lori Rose Benson, the CEO and executive director of Hip Hop Public Health.↳0805Y2002P40DUT◈An Omani delegation, which arrived in Sanaa on Saturday, joined the talks, the agency reported. It said al-Mashat hailed Oman's efforts to bridge the gap between different sides in the war to achieve peace in Yemen. SABA did not give further details.↿1812Y5000560JCR⇤One of the fundamental goals of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative is to wipe the polio virus off the face of the earth (similar to the way smallpox was eradicated) and then do away with polio immunization programs entirely, says Chumakov. But because the virus can be made in a lab, this goal is unrealistic, he says. He believes that "you cannot stop" polio immunizations: "No, they will have to continue forever, everywhere, indefinitely."➻1812Y2000680GAR↺Amy O'Donnell, director of communications for the Texas Alliance for Life, calls Casiano's situation "heartbreaking," but says she supports the abortion bans and opposes creating exceptions for fetal anomalies.☪

⚘The Bureau of Indian Affairs is asking lawmakers for a $62.1 million increase in funding for its public safety division, which includes jails and staffingのISC1008ER821M✉Before her absence, Feinstein, 89, had last voted in mid-February, and several Democrats recently called on her to resign before her term is up, including California Rep. Ro Khanna.↱


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2220J1000220FCR◦Officials said another tornado touched down Tuesday morning in the western Illinois community of Colona. Local news reports showed wind damage to some businesses there.⇣SR152A220JAATR2▎No — and while the pardon review gets under way, Perry is facing a sentence of up to life in prison.


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