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TAJA155K010HNJ▒In Oregon, the split-jury system sprang from a 1933 homicide in which the assailant, Jacob Silverman, was Jewish. The victim was Protestant. At trial, 11 of 12 jurors wanted to convict Silverman of murder, but a lone holdout refused to join the majority. After hours of deliberation, the jury compromised and convicted Silverman on the lesser charge of manslaughter.♠0805J0630681JQT➣Harry Styles and Will Ferrell were Corden's final guests. Styles has been a frequent visitor to the show, and has even guest-hosted twice. He's been game for a number of taped bits with Corden including the time the host directed a music video for Styles' song Daylight for just $300 and when the musician took part in a more than 11-minute segment featuring a UK Vs. U.S. dodgeball game where Corden, Styles, "Games of Thrones" actor James Bradley and Benedict Cumberbatch faced off against players including Michelle Obama, Mila Kunis, Kate Hudson, Lena Waithe, and Melissa McCarthy.▌

▧After five days, police finally spotted her by helicopter, standing on a dirt road and waving her arms, about 37 miles away from the nearest town. Video of the rescue shared by police shows Lillian bending over in a gesture of sheer relief as a police car approaches on the ground.✄


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1825J5K00470KCT↮The Codex Sassoon is the most valuable book ever sold at auction, according to Sotheby's. The record-breaking price surpassed the 1994 sale of Leonardo da Vinci's Codex Leicester manuscript, which sold for $30.8 million.♣1808Y0100824JXT▂"Please understand the scope of this operation," he said. "I know everyone wants updates and news of what happened. As your Sheriff, I am focused on ensuring those who still need help are receiving it, and we account for all our citizens."❣


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VS-2EMH01-M3/5AT↱What's he saying? Grabar spoke with NPR's Juana Summers to discuss the ideas of housing for machines rather than humans — and what a better future might look like in his eyes.↖0805Y0250680JFR✂"The FDA is taking the international tragedy seriously and is making every effort to prevent contaminated product from entering the U.S. market and to identify dangerous products that may have been brought into the U.S.," the agency said.□

➪Nearby, another group of teenagers stood laughing and talking.➟

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