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▂Days before the Dominion settlement, Carlson hosted Musk on his Fox show in a two-night special. It included an exchange in which the two laughed about Musk's comparing the New York Times to diarrhea.♧1206J2009P10CQT♥It also enables prosecutors to charge a provider with a misdemeanor — up to 360 days in prison and $3,000 in fines — for giving gender-affirming medication, like puberty blockers, to a trans child.☭A273M15X7RF5TAA☚Airline passengers who run into problems from flight disruptions to lost luggage this summer can find out more about their rights and the airlines' responsibilities at the Department of Transportation's Office of Aviation Consumer Protection. The site also links to a dashboard listing which airlines are willing to pay for meals, ground transportation, hotels and other expenses incurred because of significant delays and cancellations that are the airline's fault. It also link to a site where consumers can file complaints.↕150D156X0035R2T◘Merchan set the next major court date as Dec. 4. The prosecution is pushing for opening arguments to begin sometime in January 2024, but Trump's defense asked for a few more months, maybe sometime in spring 2024. That's right in the heart of primary season, which could complicate the former president's reelection bid.⇦

▦Stallings suffered a fractured eye socket and other injuries.☄M39006/22-0137↓The pair that were stolen are still in the custody of the FBI.☞

↴Ukraine's government also shared images of the downed drone in a Twitter post.▍

♦Earlier this week, a group of investors filed a class-action lawsuit against Adidas, accusing the company of knowing about Ye's problematic behavior years before ending the collaboration. Adidas denies the allegations.↧


↶The deficiency in data means the federal government can't definitively say how many people have died in prisons and jails since the covid-19 pandemic began, researchers say.➳C0805X153M3RECAUTO7210➳Townsend, who also wrote the 1958 R&B doo-wop hit "For Your Love," was a singer, songwriter and lawyer who died in 2003. Kathryn Townsend Griffin, his daughter, testified during the trial that she thought Sheeran was "a great artist with a great future."┲C430C223J2G5TA↯The U.S. Army announced Friday that it has grounded aviation units for training after 12 soldiers died within the last month in helicopter crashes in Alaska and Kentucky.♬2220J0500152JCR⇣It's important to tackle emissions from a sector that often burdens low-income residents and communities of color, and that has plans to expand passenger rail, said Air Resources Board Chair Liane M. Randolph.↴

▒Hong Kong-traded shares in the company tumbled 14.2% on Tuesday.のC1210X330J1HAC7800➻So far, everything still looks consistent with Albert Einstein's predictions. That's also true for the only other black hole to have been imaged, the one at the center of the Milky Way galaxy. It was also observed by this research consortium.▊

↩This story was edited by Neela Banerjee and Sadie Babits. It was produced by Ryan Kellman. Special thanks to Sean McConnell of the Rosenberg Library in Galveston, Texas, for assistance with archival audio and historical records.↺

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