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☣New York state is poised to phase in a ban on fossil fuel equipment in new construction starting in 2026, part of the state's effort to switch to cleaner energy sources and reduce carbon emissions.⇚TAP476K025CRS❀The northwestern town of Lingen, home to the Emsland plant, plans to become a hub for hydrogen production using cheap electricity generated from North Sea wind farms, Mayor Dieter Krone told The Associated Press in an interview this week.☪S0603-56NH2⇅Although the reports by the Pentagon and the State Department are classified and have not been released, White House national security spokesperson John Kirby noted that the Trump administration had negotiated an even earlier May 2021 withdrawal date with the Taliban, and it had also ordered a series of U.S. troop reductions that left the Taliban in a strong position. There was a "general sense of degradation and neglect there that [President Biden] inherited," he told reporters Thursday.↧8.85E+11☁"Consumer complaints to the CFPB suggest that, rather than benefiting consumers, as claimed by the companies offering these products, these products in fact may cause confusion and hardship," the report concluded. "Many people would be better off without these products."の

⇒The EU border agency Frontex has said its aircraft spotted the boat off Crotone late Saturday and alerted Italian authorities. Italy sent out two patrol vessels, but they had to turn back because of the poor weather. The rescue operation then went out early Sunday after the boat had splintered.▨2N3866A▥The museum, which is home to the world's largest specimens of the moon and Mars, is offering $25,000 for the first 1 kilogram of meteorite found — but is willing to purchase other fragments, too.◊

⇊The regional military administrator for Uman, Ihor Taburets, told reporters that three children were among 21 killed in the apartment building, with more likely to be found dead in the rubble.↠


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1206J5000390FCT☭"We should not be punishing the many well-run financial institutions and the American public for these unique bank and supervisory failures," said Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., the ranking Republican on the Senate Banking Committee.▌1808Y6300561GCR☢The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Office of Inspector General has received complaints from around the country about unsolicited tests being billed to Medicare, said a top investigator. Earlier this year, the office posted a fraud warning on its website, urging consumers to report this and other covid-related scams.➸


♪An updated framework to protect marine life in the regions outside national boundary waters, known as the high seas, had been in discussions for more than 20 years, but previous efforts to reach an agreement had repeatedly stalled. The unified agreement treaty, which applies to nearly half the planet's surface, was reached late Saturday.♕M27/370-49▦The historic indictment of a former president (and current presidential candidate) is a first in the U.S. So there is little precedent and much uncertainty about what happens next.➬MBRS20100CT-Y MNG⇩"My dad texted me and said, 'There's a dog that looks like Nanuq in Wales,'" Iworrigan said.♂ER1641-822JS➢Fortas was first named to the court in 1965 by President Lyndon B. Johnson, whom he helped in a contested Senate election in Texas in 1948. While Fortas was considered a legendary legal intellect of his time, his close relationship with Johnson soon came under scrutiny.⇋

➹"I am now uncomfortable in public washrooms," she says.♠VJ0805V273MXJPW1BC☪Born with unclear paternity to a Tamil courtesan, Tony's comfortable life on India's Coromandel Coast ends soon after he loses his mother. Her British patron sends the boy to London to start a new life. Despite the kindness of some other Indian immigrants there, things do not go as planned. He's kidnapped and put on a ship sailing for the New World. Being the only East Indian among various groups of white and Black people, he is more the lone stranger than anyone else.♈


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RM3A⊠Legislative rules state that a bill failing to defeat a filibuster must be tabled for the year. So opponents were surprised by the plan announced just last week.♦2225J0100474KXR⇤During the 2020 campaign, Biden had laid out a plan to appoint an "opioid crisis accountability coordinator" to support states in their lawsuits against companies accused of sparking the overdose epidemic. The following year, the White House convened a meeting about the soon-to-be finalized settlements, noted that the money could support drug policy priorities, and helped create a model law that states could adopt in anticipation of receiving funds.♧


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