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C326C823J3G5TA7301∷San Jacinto County Sheriff Greg Capers told reporters on Tuesday night that Oropesa was found hiding in a closet underneath a pile of laundry. He was taken to Montgomery County Jail and will be transferred to a facility in San Jacinto County.♩BYS11-90-E3/TR〓"I never give up," Castellano said. "I always try hard to do the right thing. It took me a little while to get there. I finally got it."✦


⊙Matthew Davis, 32, admonished Angel Gomez, 20, for being disorderly in the parking lot of the Keene, Texas, restaurant at about 9:40 p.m. last Saturday. A physical altercation ensued, then the juvenile suspect, who is unnamed because they are a minor, allegedly shot Davis multiple times from the back seat of Gomez's vehicle, the Keene Police Department said.☀1210J1K20150GCR➨Ballistic reports also show that Hale fired a total of 152 rounds while in the building. Meanwhile, officer Rex Engelbert discharged a total of four rounds from his rifle and another four rounds from a pistol was discharged by officer Michael Collazo, MNPD said.☁1N3341A☂"I think our staff wants to reiterate how unheroic what we did was," Parker said. "We did what we always do. We opened our doors to the people who need it."▧BZX384C3V0-E3-08♧In our day-to-day lives, there are moments when we get to decide whether we want to offer a helping hand. These gestures often feel trivial to us, but sometimes have the power to change the course of someone's life.♥

▼Weeks after the unserved arrest warrant was found, the office of Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch said there was no new evidence to pursue a criminal case against Donham. In August, a district attorney said a Leflore County grand jury declined to indict Donham.♂GCM219R71C105KA37D◎Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, a member of the GOP leadership team, told reporters Monday, "I would not support [a replacement] at all. We're not going to help the Democrats with that."♙


▒NEW YORK — A parking garage collapsed Tuesday in lower Manhattan's Financial District, killing one worker, injuring five and crushing cars as concrete floors fell on top of each other like a stack of pancakes, officials said.↥M39003/01-6354/TR✣"The issue with these water systems in California is that every couple of miles in this state, it's a completely different independently-operated situation," Giacomazzi said. "There isn't really a coordinating body that sits over the top if that says, 'Here's what we need to do. Let's do it together.'"◁TAJE476M020HNJ♂In announcing his deal with Twitter, Carlson had a sharp rebuke for all news outlets, which he referred to as "gatekeepers."☜BAT54WHE3-TP★GARY COHN: Well, you're right. Former chairman of the SEC, Jay Clayton, myself wrote an op ed where we talked about, look, you have to have a board that has qualifications. They have to understand banking. How can a board oversee a bank that they don't have qualifications and, yes, expand deposit insurance, but you could have tiered pricing. It could be one pricing for deposits below $250,000. And then you could have tiered pricing as your deposits go up and you want them insured, you- it will be more expensive to insure those deposits. But the key here is, Margaret, and this is very important, we need to keep deposits in the US banking system. It's imperative that we keep deposits in the US banking system because that's how we grow our economy by allowing banks to relend those deposits into consumers, to consume, to buy houses, to buy cars, to go to college. There is an alternative. There's a very important alternative that we talked about in our op ed. The alternative is US Treasury bonds or US Treasury bills. They pay a higher rate and they have a tax advantage to them. The horrible outcome would be if people take their money out of banks in the United States and put them into US Treasury obligations. That would have a dramatic impact on slowing down economic growth and slowing down the economy.▨

♟HALEY:  I think- I think we need to stop the bleeding of the border and completely do immigration reform before we can think of taking anybody else into this country.☀CGA5L1X7R1E685K160AC▤In Keeler's case, the grand jury accused him of covering up sexual abuse allegations while serving as bishop of Harrisburg in the 1980s. Keeler later allowed the accused clergy member, now-defrocked John G. Allen, to transfer to Baltimore and continue working. Not long after the report became public, church officials announced the archdiocese was changing its plans to name a new Catholic school after Keeler, who had died the previous year.↜


﹌When deployed to Iraq in 2003, Bogdanos engaged his troops in tracking down objects looted from Baghdad's Iraq Museum. Today his team of civilians - detectives, agents and historians - has recovered more than 4,500 antiquities in the U.S., valued around $300 million.◑GA0603Y391MXXAP31GのKendra Neumann, a research analyst with the nonpartisan Colorado Health Institute, says state lawmakers are wrestling "a contest" between two often contradictory responses to the fentanyl overdose crisis.♧1206Y5000330KCR↮State Attorney Matthew Gedansky said that Manfredonia was in DeMers' neighborhood because he planned to kill his ex-girlfriend, who lived nearby, the AP reported. Michael Dolan, the defendant's lawyer, said his client has bipolar disease and anxiety and was actually planning to commit suicide in front of the woman as part of a psychotic episode.⇥PD150KN16★There are obvious obstacles to reporting that humanizes, such as the constant surveillance and the threat of state retaliation taken against foreign and Chinese reporters. The state often intimidates sources for speaking to journalists as well, and a nervous interviewee will not divulge enough detail to create an intimate rendering of a person's life.✿

➯Ruwitch reported from California and Feng reported from Taipei. Vincent Ni contributed to this report from Washington, D.C.£SPD74R-123M➬Sara Lonardo, a spokesperson for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, confirmed Medicare received complaints about unwanted tests but said they came from only "a small portion" of Medicare beneficiaries who received tests.★


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CKC21C393JWGAC7210☺Filed Monday in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida, the federal complaint names as defendants the state of Florida, DeSantis and Melanie Griffin, the secretary of the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.⇉M39003/01-8353➪"You knew something was happening," said Mulligan, of Cincinnati. The hotel was evacuated, he said.◙

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