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MM035C103KCZ2A™Michel faced charges stemming from his relationship to Jho Low, a Malaysian billionaire accused of stealing $4 billion from a Malaysian sovereign wealth fund.░C420C911GAG5TA↗Teixeira lives in North Dighton, Mass., about 50 miles south of Boston.⇑


∎A foot injury dashed Goodman's dreams of becoming a professional soccer player, but did introduce him into the world of ballroom dancing, after his doctor suggested he try it as part of his recovery.◤12062A101KAT2A..↗Sotheby's Judaica specialist Sharon Liberman Mintz said the $38 million price tag, which includes the auction house's fee, "reflects the profound power, influence, and significance of the Hebrew Bible, which is an indispensable pillar of humanity."☣C1210X681G1HAC7800❑MARGARET BRENNAN: And we know there's political ramifications, too. That's why we pull all the threads together here. Gary, thank you for your analysis. We'll be right back.⇉CWR09HC106JBA☂In a statement, Pinduoduo said that Google had not shared more details with the company beyond informing it that the current version of its app was "not compliant with Google's policy."✌

▄Kilicdaroglu's rallies draw somewhat younger crowds, with his supporters saying he represents a needed change and that he offers a more moderate leadership.☎1825SC473KAT1A➹Washington has been stepping up cooperation with its key Asian allies.♀

♨The Huskies may be favored to win it all, but the big game caps a March Madness marked by upsets and unpredictability.ぃ


⇗Before the meeting, Egyptian Foreign Minister Samer Shoukry said that only an Arab-led "political solution without foreign dictates" can end the ongoing conflict, restoring Syria's unity and stability and allowing refugees and the internally displaced to return.☀C325C472J2G5TA7301➦What it will do: Permit juries to sentence someone to death without a unanimous verdict. Instead, jurors only need to reach a supermajority vote of 8-4. The legislation also allows a judge to override a jury’s life sentence and issue a death sentence.☣M22G470J2-F▪The Trump administration attempted to put TikTok out of business in the U.S. over the same national security concerns. But federal courts halted the move, citing executive overreach and a lack of evidence to support the case that TikTok poses a security risk.♠GA0603Y471JXCAP31G☺After Donald Trump was elected in 2016, several members of the committee quit. The rest resigned the following summer after then-President Trump refused to condemn the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville.ღ

♣Research has shown that transgender youths and adults can be prone to suicidal behavior when forced to live as the sex they were assigned at birth. And critics of legislation to restrict gender-affirming care for children say it's an attempt by conservatives to motivate their voting base.❀150D684X0100B2BE3ºObaid-Chinoy's film will follow the events of The Rise of Skywalker, which was the final chapter of the third trilogy released in 2019. Actress Daisy Ridley will return as Rey, who seeks to build a new Jedi Order.▭

☻Update: See complete coverage of the coronation ceremony here.⇋

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