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C0402C110K3HACAUTO☢California Gov. Gavin Newsom is directing the California Highway Patrol and National Guard to assist San Francisco authorities in combating the fentanyl crisis in the city.☌1N3613GPHE3/73☆Trump continues to deny the claims and has appealed that verdict.▢


⇇In this new version of the image, the gaps have been filled with the help of physics — namely, computer simulations of black holes — and machine learning. Researchers generated over 30,000 simulated images of black holes, covering a wide range of possibilities, and then looked for common patterns within those images.♬SMBZ1036LT1G⇡The effects of AI, of course, are still very much being studied — and these systems are evolving fast — so this is all just speculation. But it does look like AI may have different effects than previous technologies, especially because machines are now more capable of doing "non-routine" tasks. Previously, as stated, it was only "routine" tasks that proved to be automatable. But, now, with AI, you don't have to program machines with specific instructions. They are much more capable of figuring out things on the fly. And this machine intelligence could upend much of the previous thinking on which kinds of jobs will be affected by automation.♜C0402C300G3HACAUTO↸A U.S. official told CBS News on Thursday evening the administration briefed Gang of 8 staff members in the afternoon "to get this information to Congress expeditiously and offered additional briefings."▦2220J2500473MXR☂On Tuesday, Taiwan's Legislative Yuan amended the same-sex marriage law to widen joint adoption.⇈

☂This story was produced in partnership with KFF Health News and WESA. Support for this reporting came from The Commonwealth Fund, the Association of Health Care Journalists and KFF Health News.↓TPSE227M010R0060▨"Our message to criminals on the dark web is this: You can try to hide in the furthest reaches of the internet, but the Justice Department will find you and hold you accountable for your crimes," Attorney General Merrick Garland said at a press conference Tuesday.▤


❦When the incident happened she was in the living room of our house. It was Sunday morning around 6 a.m. Khartoum time. The mortar just came down and hit our house. The shrapnel flew all over and broke the windows, and some of it came inside. Sadly, she was hit by a piece of shrapnel and died almost immediately. My dad tried to perform first aid but he couldn't because the damage was too severe. He couldn't save her.☺1808J0630183FCR○Bostar said he thinks the free meals during the pandemic demonstrated the value of a program like this.▶0805Y0250470KFR↳Souza, the director, has said he'll return to the "Rust" production to honor the legacy of Halyna Hutchins.✪UPA2463T1Q-E1-AX☋Queen Latifah recorded her breakthrough 1989 album All Hail The Queen when she was just a teenager. "Her album showed rap could cross genres including reggae, hip-hop, house and jazz — while also opening opportunities for other female rappers," the LOC statement said.⇂

♖From the 18th century and continuing as late as the 1960s, networks of boarding schools institutionalized the legal kidnapping, abuse, and forced cultural assimilation of Indigenous children in North America. Much of Lajimodiere's work grapples with trauma as it was felt by Native people in the region.➜T491A474M025ZTAC00〓"It used to be that high-skilled workers would come up with a good answer and that would only help them and their customer," Brynjolfsson says. "Now that good answer gets amplified and used by people throughout the organization."


◆Montana's Republican governor and Republican-led legislature are now seeking to restrict abortion access. Gov. Greg Gianforte and state Attorney General Austin Knudsen are asking the state Supreme Court to overturn its 1999 decision in the case Armstrong v. State, in which it held that abortion access is protected under the Montana Constitution's right to privacy.➼ACZRT55C18-G☪The violence against an elderly and incapacitated woman has sparked a national debate about the police use of stun guns in such circumstances and the competence of aged care staff. Police are allowed to use stun guns when lives are in danger.♠1N3007B❥Mifepristone is widely used across the U.S. to end pregnancy in the first 10 weeks of gestation. About half of all abortions nationwide are performed using mifepristone as the first of a two-pill regimen. The drug is also commonly used to help manage miscarriages.✂CLF10040T-151M-H▤"Thank you to the fans and to @TheMasters who have shown me so much love and support. Good luck to the players today!" he added.┲

⇁"If my South Korea visit is achieved ahead of the G-7 summit, I expect it will be a great opportunity to give impetus to our 'shuttle diplomacy' and have a heart-to-heart exchange of our views on accelerating Japan-South Korea ties and drastically changing the global situation," said Kishida, who is hosting the May 19-21 summit in Hiroshima.♡ER1025-44JR⊞Those swimsuits are among a group of products under review by Target but that haven't yet been removed, Reuters said.♜


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NSS40201LT1G♡"Time to cancel netflix! nobody is paying you more to share a password bestie," a user said.ぃ1812Y3K00181KXR⊠Both Cajzer and Maciaszczyk said that it is impossible to save the shoes forever, but the goal is to preserve them for more years to come.☏


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