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▪In 2019, Hawaiian Airlines and Alaska Airlines had the highest percentages of their own cancellations being caused by an airline-controlled issue — more than half of each carrier's cancellations. In late 2021, they were joined by low-fare carriers Allegiant Air, Spirit Airlines, JetBlue Airways and Frontier, each of whom were responsible for 60% or more of their own total cancellations, according to GAO.✯


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5022-823J¤The Huskies won in convincing fashion, becoming just the fifth team since the NCAA bracket expanded in 1985 to win all six tournament games by double-digits on the way to a championship.▅SF36G A0G♚Japanese nationals are being transported by land to an eastern town to be picked up by Japanese aircraft positioned in Djibouti, Japanese media said. France and Germany each said they were prepared to do more flights if possible.⊞


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VJ0603Y184JXQPW1BC▱The Associated Press left phone messages with DiBiase's attorney Thursday, seeking comment on the indictment.☄1808J1K50391JCT╬The same sergeant, Josh Evans, texted in reference to the arrest of a Black suspect, "I'll bury that N*&*er in my fields."º


♣Short on cellphone signal, her friends drove 5 miles to the town of Salem to call 911. Emergency responders performed CPR on Gillis but she was pronounced dead on the scene.✯2225Y0250274MXR▓Scandals involving Johnson's turbulent time in office continue to plague the UK's ruling Conservative Party and British institutions. And this one comes at a time when many media outlets – especially those that receive public funding, as the British Broadcasting Corporation does – are struggling to prove their editorial independence at a time of heightened political disinformation.☃CDR32BP680BKUR\M500█"How will the needs of the population be met in a country with a paralyzed economy without international help" she asks.▤1206Y1501P70DQT▨After being presented to the audience and repeatedly proclaimed as king, Charles swore a series of oaths that relate to his responsibilities in this new role.▓

☪"There were errors, there were misunderstandings that culminated in a tragedy. But the fact that we have a victim in a tragedy does not mean there's a villain. Villain, to me, requires bad intent and my client, I don't believe – the facts will show – that he had bad intent," he said.↕LQH32MN120K23Lⓔ"They're presuming that they have the entitlement that what they're saying can be presumed to be true without them demonstrating rigorously that it's true, and that it is the responsibility of society and the scientific community to prove them wrong. And if they fail to prove them wrong, or if they don't show up, then they're really offended. And then to them, that just proves their guilt. It proves the cover up," he said.♦


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M39003/01-8329H①This is what Williams and Fresh were trying to do in that Harlem studio. It took them weeks to get the beat and the lyrics of "Stroke Ain't No Joke" right, but once they had it locked in, "Doug went into the studio and I think he knocked it out in a few days," says Williams. "He was that inspired."⊙VJ1825Y225MLXAT5G▆Priscilla Orta, an attorney based in south Texas who represents migrants for the group Project Corazon, criticized the vulnerability guidelines in the CBP One app, saying they don't explicitly consider LGBTQ migrants as vulnerable.→

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