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ⓛInitial reports put the death toll at around 50, but later tallies reported by independent media raised it to about 100. It was impossible to independently confirm details of the incident because reporting is restricted by the military government.☪C4532C0G2W683K320KA➷Branigan accompanies him, with reservations, to pay his respects to his mother, Fang Zhoumou. "He began his prostrations as the video camera rolled. 'Mother! I am an unfilial son!' And then: 'Mother! I have brought the Guardian to see you!'" Here, then, is a double betrayal: turned in by her own family, and in death, Fang's memory invoked for someone's ends.✄2220J0500223JXT☍For example, conservationists and Indigenous communities in Nevada have sued to block the opening of the largest mine planned in the U.S. for extraction of lithium used in electric vehicle batteries.┱S0603-39NG3B✉The drape gives providers a quick and more precise estimate of blood loss, allowing them to act right away.の

⋄She convinced about 25 of these mothers to overcome their fears — and earned the nickname "community ambulance" because she rushed from family to family.♜GA0603Y561MXCAC31G☁Kilicdaroglu's campaign indicates he would try to smooth things over. If he wins, he says he would bring Turkey closer to the West politically, economically and culturally, and restart attempts to join the European Union that lost steam under Erdogan years ago. And he'd be expected to reassure world leaders concerned that Turkey is sliding from democracy to authoritarianism.▣

✦Until recently, gambling incidents had not surfaced often for the NFL. In 1963, the NFL handed out perhaps its most famous discipline: Then-commissioner Pete Rozelle suspended star running back Paul Hornung of Green Bay and defensive tackle of Alex Karras of Detroit — both of whom became Hall of Famers. Each was sidelined for that season, with Rozelle citing bets on league games and associating with gamblers or "known hoodlums."▷


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1808Y0160221GCT↤Winds of up to 90 mph (145 kph) and baseball-sized hail also caused damage in the Quad Cities area of Iowa and Illinois.☼1782R-97G▶LaVon Bracy, the democracy director with Faith in Florida, an organization that has helped thousands of people register to vote, said the new rules and fines could force groups like hers to shut down.↔


◈KJ Johnson told reporters that he was in the Northside medical building for his son's medical appointment when the shooting took place.⇔GCM0335C1E8R2CA16J﹌With the rise of sports betting across the U.S., some pro teams have a sportsbook in their stadiums — like the Washington Nationals (MLB) and the Phoenix Suns (NBA) as well as the NHL's Washington Capitals. Others, like the Arizona Cardinals, have a sportsbook on the grounds of the stadium and many fans bet on their phones while attending games. Sports betting ads also permeate breaks during NFL games.✍S121J33SL0N6UJ5R✪Taiwan's legislature passed an amendment Tuesday that allows same-sex couples to adopt children they are not biologically related to — a move cheered on by LGBTQ advocates.♧595D106X0020B2T❉Bud Light's promotion with Mulvaney caught the ire of conservatives on social media, who called for a boycott. Three days after Mulvaney's post, Kid Rock posted his own video in which he wore a MAGA hat and fired a rifle at a few cases of Bud Light.♖

♂Jordan last week hosted regional talks that included envoys from Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Egypt, and Syria. They agreed on a framework, dubbed the "Jordanian initiative," that would slowly bring Damascus back into the Arab fold. Amman's top diplomat said the meeting was the "beginning of an Arab-led political path" for a solution to the crisis.ΘDF04M♤Porter, a former literary editor, is a big deal in England, where his books garner more attention than in the U.S. While hailed for his originality and compassion, he has also been criticized for sentimentality. Without giving away too much, I can say that amid its clanging 90s soundtrack Shy, too, works toward a note of harmonious hope which I, for one, welcomed. However tenuous, it gives readers a life preserver to grab onto.◆

◎Smith also offered recommendations on how to "alleviate fear and anxiety" if McAdory returns.»

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