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↮Kushner's funeral will be held Monday at Temple Israel of Natick in Natick, Mass., where he served as a congregational rabbi for 24 years.♐


の"While some females may be able to outperform some males, it is generally accepted that, on average, males outperform females athletically because of inherent physical differences between the sexes," he wrote. "This is not an overbroad generalization, but rather a general principle that realistically reflects the average physical differences between the sexes."↻744743102▆The shortage is affecting multiple generic brands, like Sandoz and Teva, but not every amoxicillin product or strength they make.➨BLA1011-10☎"Someone reportedly pulled the pin on the device and it detonated," Sheriff Oscar Martinez Jr. said in a statement.✐2225J0500334KXR↩Working conditions in the minor leagues have long been tougher than the majors. Even as the average MLB salary has topped $4 million, most minor leaguers earn between $400 and $700 per week and are paid only during the regular season, forcing many to get part-time jobs in other parts of the year.ⓞ

▫China has lashed out at the U.S. for banning TikTok, saying it is an abuse of state power and is suppressing companies from other countries.☭595D476X0025R2T★The last stunner of the 2022 draft was receiver Garrett Wilson, who took draft style to the next level with his eye-catching ensemble when the Jets took him with the 10th pick. Wilson wore a gray and white double-breasted, color block suit that he set off with $1,690 Prada lug sole combat boots and three strands of chunky pearls.↿

◫In addition, symptoms and diagnoses reported through Reach Digital Health can be relayed to governments in real-time to allow for informed public health decisions to be made quickly and responsibly.❤


❂The anti-government protests now shaking Iran are one of the biggest challenges to the Islamic Republic since the 1979 revolution.▣2220Y1000473KXT▲Zachary Rehl, the former leader of the Philadelphia chapter of the Proud Boys, painted himself as a family man only to be confronted with video of him allegedly spraying law enforcement officers with chemicals.➝CDR31BP100BKWM\M1KⓞThe company is also a social media powerhouse. It surpassed 16 billion social video views in the final quarter of last year. It has nearly 94 million YouTube subscribers and has more than 20 million followers on TikTok. Its female wrestlers comprise five out of the top 15 most followed female athletes in the world, across Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, led by Ronda Rousey with 36.1 million followers.↻MIO1200-33E11↔The lifting of the so-called debt ceiling — a limit on government borrowing to pay for bills already incurred — is often routine.↯

▀She said she had hoped the lawsuit would not result in a trial, "but I have to protect my father's legacy."º1210J0250124KXR⇔Contacted by AFP, Czech authorities said they did not have information on the case.☣

⇔Amazing result in a test tube? Talk to me in 15 years if I'm still here. Just started phase I clinical trials in people? Still too early to help me. Cures mice? Of all the oncologists I've interviewed about mouse data, I've been told by at least a quarter of them this exact punchline: "I've never treated a mouse for cancer." Yuk, yuk. Funny oncologists. It's not just snark. They have a point buried under their tired joke. Most things that cure cancer in mice don't work in people.▰

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