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▼The feelings portrayed in Robbins' social media messages are an example of the fear and paranoia that exist nationwide and push many Americans to reach for their guns, said Mark Bryant, the executive director of Gun Violence Archive, a nonprofit group that tracks cases of gun violence.➣

❐And just before Tuesday's hearing in New York, a federal appeals court in Washington, D.C., allowed a Department of Justice investigation into Trump to proceed. The court ruled that Special Counsel Jack Smith can question top Trump aides on his actions in Jan. 6 and handling of classified documents, Johnson reports.☞


⇂Incarcerated people may be more susceptible than the general population to infectious diseases such as covid and HIV that can spread to loved ones and other community members once they are released. The federal government has also failed to collect or release enough information about deaths in custody that could be used to identify disease patterns and prevent fatalities and illness inside and outside of institutions, researchers says.⇐QCCT102Q6R2B1GV002E↳Though no major problems were reported during today's voting, Human Rights Watch has called the elections "fundamentally flawed," occurring within the framework of a 2017 constitution written by a commission appointed by the military following its 2014 coup.☜D182Z20Y5VH6UJ5R★The bill would also repeal key provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act — the signature bill of the president's term that funds climate, health care and energy programs.▤C0603C0G1E010C030BA→Curious onlookers lined the road as the animals sheepishly entered the highway, guided by ranchers and steered by sheepdogs. They traveled up the road a little ways, the fluffy white herd obscuring the yellow-painted centerline amid a chorus of "baas" and the lead ewe's jangling bell.▁

☼Launched with the 2017 model year and billed by GM as America's most affordable EV, the Bolt became one of the most popular electric vehicles on the market.▒GRM188R61E105MAADD⇄Cyclones, giant storms similar to those known as hurricanes or typhoons in other parts of the world, are among the world's most devastating natural disasters, especially when they hit densely populated coastal regions.▥


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0819-58K▧For the next hour, citizens of Twin Falls endured the sheer trauma of waiting. The school's 1,200 or so students cowered in classrooms and bathrooms, texting parents and friends and posting on social media. Law enforcement teams swept the school's two floors three times.♈0603J2500101GFT⊙She was incredibly frustrated that she then had to try and re-enroll her children in health insurance, while figuring out how to get her son's care back on track.◈


✙But before a judge could rule on that motion, Moskowitz said his team had another idea. The attorney had prepared a second complaint after clients alleged they’d been scammed by another one of O’Neal’s ventures, which sold non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. When they saw O’Neal was covering the game between the Heat and Celtics, a process server sprang into action.큐VJ0805D8R2BXAATMinnesota state Sen. Mary Kunesh, who is a descendant of the Standing Rock, Lakota Nation, says she understands that Warroad has tried to be respectful. As for the gift of land to the school, "maybe at that time, that was something that the Native communities either could accept or felt powerless to push back against."☠SF35G B0G►The owners of Hamburger Mary's in Orlando say their First Amendment rights were violated after DeSantis signed a bill, SB 1438, last week that restricts children from attending certain draw show performances, according to a federal lawsuit obtained by NPR.▒500R15N221JV4T☎As star journalists mingled with comedians and other celebrity at this year's event, climate activists used the occasion to stage a protest outside of the Washington Hilton Hotel, where the dinner was held. Protesters were demanding President Biden keep his promise to end new fossil fuel drilling on federal lands. The protest was organized by Climate Defiance, a group that calls itself "a brand-new movement of young people."⇅

↿Earlier Friday, the Spanish national police tweeted a video of an arrest and said they captured a New Zealand fugitive on the FBI's most wanted list. Pratt is the only person from New Zealand on the list.】C1812C472J1HACAUTO▆The container was loaded onto the Malaysia-bound vessel and the ship started its journey on January 11 from Chittagong, reaching Port Klang in Malaysia on January 17, the day he was discovered.✲

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