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TPME108M004R0018♤"Politics was no longer something for the debating floor or the voting booth," the prosecutor said. "For them, politics meant actual physical violence."↫CDRC62NP-470NC▧"Its inhabitants depended on agriculture, livestock, fishing, but also on the exchange of goods," he said.◈

◘She alleged that those who become transgender men through surgical castration are "denying the rights" of her community by affecting their access to employment opportunities under the government's job quota reserved for their community.⊕


◀Composer Koji Kondo got the job as a college senior in Osaka, Japan. He responded to an ad on a university bulletin board. Now 61, Kondo said there wasn't much usable data for making music and sound effects at the time.→GCM21B5C2E512JX01L◨Wong was accused of reposting on Facebook a thread from an online forum that disclosed the details of the officer who fired three live rounds in the residential area of Sai Wan Ho on Hong Kong Island. One of the shots injured a protester and sparked a public outcry at the height of the protests.➝RN1103,LF(CT☞"We are just devastated," Baffert tweeted. "This is a shock to everyone at our barn who love and care for these horses every day. Hanvameltdown was obviously hit pretty hard coming out of the gate. We don't know if that contributed to the injury, but we will be fully transparent with those reviewing this terrible accident. Right now, our thoughts are with Luis Saez and we are hopeful he will be okay."○CC0402DRNPO9BN9R1◆“It was a bit of poetic justice,” said Adam Moskowitz, a Florida-based attorney representing the group of investors suing celebrities who had endorsed FTX. “But at the same time, this whole saga is unnecessary and farcical — it’s not helping the case. It’s not advancing the case. It’s just delaying the case.”☇

▨16. ""Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)"" — Eurythmics (1983)❧S0603-68NF3⇅The aquanaut has been lodging 30 feet below in a lagoon in Key Largo, Fla., for about 77 days, as of Tuesday — surpassing the previous record of 73 days set by two Tennessee educators in 2014.☋

✯The proposal is a part of a larger legislative framework to raise the nation's debt limit for one year, while scaling back federal spending.


△"Mom, you unfortunately, for better or worse, prepared me well for jail food," he wrote. "In the morning, for breakfast, they give us hot creamed wheat, oatmeal cereal or wheat gruel. I am remembering my childhood."☼CWR09DK226JP☃El Niño's warmer waters can also push the Pacific jet stream south. When that happens, the NOAA says, "areas in the northern U.S. and Canada are dryer and warmer than usual. But in the U.S. Gulf Coast and Southeast, these periods are wetter than usual and have increased flooding."↓1206Y6300150KCR❂"The drive to the bus station was only 45 minutes, but it was the longest journey of my life. We crossed many checkpoints manned by RSF soldiers and were stopped and searched numerous times. We never knew what might happen – would they open fire? Would the army fire missiles at them? As we made it to the bus station, we saw dead bodies in the streets and in civilian cars surrounded by unexploded missiles."◘C0603X152M4REC7411☜After making it safely into Egypt, she joined other people in the southern Egyptian city of Aswan, about 100 miles north of the border, collecting donations to buy food, water and medicine to help other new arrivals.☺

⇌The waiting room of the hospital was crowded with patients and their caretakers. Many patients were actively bleeding. Some had gunshot wounds. Others bore crush injuries from the concrete rubble of bombed buildings. "We were not prepared for the casualties we saw," Abdullah recalls. Still, he and his few medical staff began systematically triaging and treating the many patients.™9405R-06▒Late last year, Disney+ increased the price of its ad-free service from $7.99 to $10.99. Rick Munarriz, an analyst with The Motley Fool, says that's "just three bucks, but it's still a sizable 38% jump." Today, Iger said they're planning another price hike. Munarriz thinks offering less new content while increasing prices could be a "risky" business move for Disney. "It's going to take a lot of pixie dust to make that delicate balance fly," he tells NPR.Ю

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