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➘Separately, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. will also report Friday on how the regulator supervised New York-based Signature Bank, which failed days after the Silicon Valley lender.▣


☼Planned Parenthood, which provides a variety of reproductive health services including abortion through its clinics around the country, is the nation's most well-known abortion provider. More than a dozen states have implemented abortion bans in response to the Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization decision in June 2022, forcing the organization's affiliates to adjust and adapt to a new legal landscape.☻UMK063CG8R1DT-F✯Despite never finding sure footing, he is determined: "I would thrive wherever the wind laid me." When he discovers that he will never be able to return to India, which is still home to him, he declares, "...I will be my own shelter, my landing place. Like a snail, I will carry home on my back, find it where I happen to be, make it from what I bear inside me."ⓔ0603Y0630391GCR◆Risher had only taken over the reins at Lyft this week, replacing the company's founders John Zimmer and Logan Green. But during an all-staff meeting a few weeks ago, Risher told employees that layoffs "were in the air."↾SCRH105-150✄But the CDC also faced criticism during her tenure for issuing some confusing COVID-19 guidance, among other communication issues. She told people, for instance, that once you got vaccinated you couldn't spread COVID-19. But in the summer of 2021 more data made it clear that wasn't the case, and that made her a target for some criticism, especially from Republican lawmakers and media figures.▍

♧"When someone who is missing is incorrectly listed as a runaway, they basically vanish a second time," Bradford said in a news release. "They vanish from the police detectives' workload. They vanish from the headlines. In many ways, no one even knows they are missing."☠GRM1555C1E430JZ01D█Carlson's ouster was announced less than a week after Fox settled a defamation case filed by Dominion Voting Services for $787.5 million over lies Fox broadcast alleging fraud in the 2020 race that Trump lost. Carlson was among the hosts whose private messages figured prominently in the case. The company pushed Carlson out in a desire to tidy up messes and move on, according to three people with direct insight into decisions made there.↳


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1808J0500680MDT➝Later in the day, Kaplan warned Tacopina again to speak with Trump after the ex-president's son Eric tweeted criticism of funding Carroll's lawyer received from a wealthy Democratic contributor.✉TAZR334K004CWSZ0900➣For those stargazing from the U.S., the event will occur somewhere between 12:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m., depending on your location and time zone.⊙

↱"She has talked about having multiple roots," says Margot Norton, the museum's Allen and Lola Golding senior curator. Born in Kenya in 1972, Mutu moved to New York in the 1990s and now splits her time between studios in Brooklyn and Nairobi. It's a dichotomy that is explored in the exhibition "Wangechi Mutu: Intertwined," open through June 4 and featuring more than 100 of her works created over a span of 25 years, spread across multiple floors.▱


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VJ0805A100GXCAP↝HALEY:  I think- I think we need to stop the bleeding of the border and completely do immigration reform before we can think of taking anybody else into this country.▨2225J3K00331KCR➸He said he had already held executive staff responsible by asking for and receiving the resignations of three top staffers. And he said there could be repercussions for anyone found to be negligent once the full investigation is turned over to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.ⓛ


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