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◎An official told journalists that Bolsonaro will be deposed at federal police headquarters later on Wednesday.☆


↯The crack at Penly does not pose an immediate danger to the environment or human life, the regulator said, given its location on a pipe system that is designed to be used to cool the reactor only in the event of an emergency.↳PM0805G-R082J☞On Tuesday, Mr. Biden is scheduled to meet with Andrzej Duda, the Polish president, to discuss the United States' cooperation with Poland and efforts to support Ukraine and NATO. Mr. Biden and Duda met in March 2022 when Mr. Biden made another trip to Poland.▪C1206C334J4RACTU√In recent months, the military has focused on recruiting volunteers, offering contract soldiers far higher pay to fight in Ukraine — up to $2,600 a month, a vast sum for Russians from small towns or rural areas.▎M39003/03-0360/HSD➲Koalas are iconic Australian marsupials, like wombats and kangaroos. They spend most of their time eating and sleeping in eucalyptus trees, and their paws have two opposing thumbs to help them grasp and climb up trunks.➝

☆Two Dadeville High School seniors, Phil Dowdell, 18, and Shaunkivia Nicole "KeKe" Smith, 17, were killed. Also killed were Marsiah Emmanuel "Siah" Collins, 19, and Holston, 23.卍SZMMSZ4701T1G▌Last week, Jack Teixeira, a member of the Massachusetts Air National Guard, was arrested as a suspect for leaking classified U.S. intelligence documents.☜


☌An updated framework to protect marine life in the regions outside national boundary waters, known as the high seas, had been in discussions for more than 20 years, but previous efforts to reach an agreement had repeatedly stalled. The unified agreement treaty, which applies to nearly half the planet's surface, was reached late Saturday.↛2220J0500560KCT○The three WFP employees were killed in clashes in the town of Kebkabiya in the province of North Darfur. Two agency employees were wounded.↤4-2176075-1♈Pyatt, the fire chief, said his thoughts were with the families of those who had perished and with the crews who had rescued those they could and tried to rescue those they couldn't.☀CCR05CJ4R7BR◇Use the airline's app to track not just whether your flight is on time, but where the plane is coming from and if there are delays there. Book nonstop flights, if possible, so you don't get stranded on a layover.◐

⇩In order to properly make sense of her own life and the choice before her, Betty must start at the very beginning — at least, at her very beginning, the day of her birth, her death, and her miracle. Born with the umbilical cord around her neck, she is pronounced dead, only to spontaneously return to life with one minor eccentricity, which is that her skin is "an even, lustrous blue like a creature from a fairy tale." There is no explanation for her color, no apparent abnormality in her vital signs; she's just recently dead, newly alive, and blue.❈C1206C121F4HAC7800◐Now, Griffiths is looking at all this from the other side. In early 2022, he was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. Doctors think he only has a few months to live. I had an incredible conversation with this world-renowned scientist and healer about how he is coming to grips with his own mortality, and the mystery of what comes next.


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CDR31BP681AKMRAB⊙At the time, García Márquez's family hadn't decided whether to publish the novel posthumously.↔CD214A-R12000♠Authorities announced on Sunday that the Texas Department of Public Safety had taken over the investigation of the shooting.あ

卐And on the federal level, a decades-old proposal to create a commission studying reparations for African Americans has stalled in Congress.▷

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