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❣During the Good Friday basilica ceremony, the pope at times sounded hoarse while reading aloud and when he gave his blessing at the end of the nearly two-hour long service. At one point, he stood up to kiss a figure of Jesus on a tall cross which was brought to him, then bowed his head in silent reflection.✌


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CDH38D11BNP-1R5MC➶And after two years of record low cases of invasive strep during the height of the pandemic in 2020 and 2021, cases are higher than usual this season, according to the CDC.◎06032U150GAT4ACandace Chapman Scott, a 36-year-old former mortuary services worker, is accused of selling 20 boxes of everything from human skin to skulls to a man in Pennsylvania, according to a federal grand jury indictment unsealed by a Little Rock court on Friday.▭


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C1206X152M1REC7800✁Five days after Floyd was killed by former police officer Derek Chauvin in May 2020, Minneapolis police SWAT team officers set out in an unmarked white van, ostensibly to enforce a curfew. Led by Sgt. Andrew Bittell, Stetson and other officers fired 40 mm "less-lethal" foam-tipped rounds at people out of the van's open side door without warning, Minnesota Public Radio has reported.♥RA012020BB12133BJ1⇀What's the big deal? As times change, so do our tastes for just about everything. The study was able to find this phenomenon across the board of musical stylings and flairs.☍


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100-151HIt's scary stuff to contemplate. But at least we know we've been here before. And McConnell remembers.✄1N5245B BK PBFREE↯Claude Russell Pensinger went missing while fishing on the Nevada side of the reservoir on July 14, 1998, the office said. His remains were just one of several sets discovered at Lake Mead as its water levels drop due to prolonged drought.♝


▐It's "one of the key aspects of preparedness," says Bausch. "We can say we need to have great surveillance systems. But if someone comes and says, 'A bunch of people have a fever and a headache, but I don't have a diagnostic test to know what's causing it,' that won't really get us far."➡C326C399B3G5TA7301▣"Making birth free to American mothers can and should be a national unifier in a particularly divided time," says the paper. Such a policy could not only make it easier for people to start families, but it could address the nation's dismal record on maternal mortality.♛1N4703 TR PBFREE➳The incident happened at an event in February at the Tsuglagkhang Temple complex, where the Dalai Lama resides. In attendance were more than 120 students who completed a skills training course hosted by the M3M Foundation — a charity arm of a prominent Indian real estate group.❈MBR3100VRTR-G1◩"The curiosity for discovery has led me here," Dituri wrote on Twitter early Sunday. "My goal from day 1 has been to inspire generations to come, interview scientists who study life undersea and learn how the human body functions in extreme environments."☏

⇨"Once you look through some of these details, I think you actually ought to be feeling better about where things are headed on inflation over the next three to six months," Sharif said.◫GJM0335C2A9R0BB01W☜Police in Brownsville, Texas say at least eight people are dead and nine others are injured after an SUV struck a group of people waiting for a bus in the border community. The driver is in custody.┱

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