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VJ2012A470JXUSTX2▒The seven were the latest victims of mass shootings in the U.S., whose targets included Christian elementary school in Nashville, Tennessee; a bank in Louisville, Kentucky and a Sweet 16 party in a small city in Alabama.▅1206J0250221MDR☃Democrats also see an opening to overturn an 1849 state law that took effect last summer after the Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court. A lawsuit filed by Democrats last year challenging the old law will be argued at the circuit court level in May and could go to the state court within months.✍


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1SMB5952HR5G◘Newsom's announcement did not include details on the number of personnel involved, funding and what enforcement will look like. The governor's office did not immediately respond to NPR's request for a comment.۰C0402C470K8GACTU☠The flurry of traffic marked a key moment, says Hong Qu, a researcher of media and information sharing from Harvard University. The rush to discuss the bombings was the first time the mainstream public embraced Twitter — not just as a way to organize within communities, but to "broadcast information to the whole world," Qu told NPR.⇠

↔The U.S. president's trip to Europe also comes amid new concerns, expressed publicly by Secretary of State Antony Blinken, that China is considering providing Russia with lethal aid to bolster its efforts in Ukraine.♗


↠Consider a modern equivalent: When you're listening to someone tell you something and your phone dings — Ding! "Is that important?" — you just lost track of where you were.◄1206Y2501P10BQT❣Like Mount Vesuvius in Italy and Mount St. Helens in Washington state, Popocatépetl is a stratovolcano capable of catastrophic, explosive eruptions, the last of which came around the year 800.◨2SC5455-A▥After weeks of feeling terrible – nauseous and dizzy and weak – Statton had a sudden episode of heavy bleeding that sent her to the emergency room. At her OB-GYN the next day, she learned she had a type of molar pregnancy, in which some of the tissue is cancerous. Molar pregnancy happens when a fertilized egg has too many chromosomes. It does not develop into a viable fetus. It is usually a benign condition, but in about 15% of cases, like Jaci's, it is cancerous. Her doctor told her she was at risk of hemorrhage and even death, but that she couldn't get treated there.0805Y2500391JFT♦The idea was to exert economic pressure on those conservative states. Instead, a report released last month by the city administrator concluded that the policy was raising costs and administrative burdens for the city. Because of restrictions, there were fewer bidders for city work and that ending the boycott might reduce contracting costs by 20% annually, the report concluded.▉

▧The San Luis Valley in southern Colorado, which has hosted a wealth of research and innovation, is the ideal place to explore those questions — and potential solutions.⇌2225Y2K00103JXT§With the rise of sports betting across the U.S., some pro teams have a sportsbook in their stadiums — like the Washington Nationals (MLB) and the Phoenix Suns (NBA) as well as the NHL's Washington Capitals. Others, like the Arizona Cardinals, have a sportsbook on the grounds of the stadium and many fans bet on their phones while attending games. Sports betting ads also permeate breaks during NFL games.➩

➽According to the FBI, some families have unexpectedly found explosive devices in the belongings of their parents or grandparents who were military veterans. Some veterans brought back explosives as souvenirs from World Wars I and II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the Gulf War.↶


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