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❃Court records show Gonzalez's sister, Mileny Rubio, was a witness to the shooting.✲


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1206Y1000563MXT↿Kyodo News said Japanese coast guard ships also found traces of oil that may be related to the missing helicopter, but officials declined to confirm the report.♚2220Y0100104GCRºThis is all part of a larger pattern, says Luna. "We often say we're not a red state, we're a gerrymandered state."⇨


♦Ardern previously received the Kennedy School's Gleitsman International Activist Award in 2020 and delivered Harvard's 2022 commencement speech.⇕1206Y1002P10HQT♞Several other women also came forward to accuse Clinton of sexual advances and even assaults, but none of their efforts resulted in criminal charges during or after his presidency. Out of office, Clinton's attorneys negotiated a five-year suspension of his license to practice law back in his home state. But he has not been formally indicted or charged with any crime, anywhere.☆M39003/01-8384ЮHorse trainer Saffie Joseph, Jr. has been suspended indefinitely from the Kentucky Derby and other Churchill Downs races, after two of the horses in his care mysteriously died, the organization said Thursday.▽105-122GS⇝"We haven't really seen them as part of these negotiations in the past," she added. "So I think that's not necessarily a wild card, but it does change some of the stakes."×

➯"The president pivoted back," McCarthy said on Fox News Sunday Morning Futures. "He actually proposed spending billions more next year than we spend this year."↘1210J1K04P70BFT▧The DVD service, which still delivers films and TV shows in the red-and-white envelopes that once served as Netflix's emblem, plans to mail its final discs on Sept. 29.◎


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BFG425W,135ぃAccording to the ACLU, the United States has to comply with the treaty because after it was ratified in 1992, the covenant received federal law status under the U.S. Constitution's Supremacy Clause.♨SLF7032T-330MR75-2★Around a third of them are expected to disappear if the Earth warms by 1.5 degrees Celsius, according to ICIMOD, a regional environmental group. The U.N. predicts warming will be even higher.ⓔ


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2225Y2000471FFT♀WOOD: After the war, we did learn we were right about the lack of a relationship between Iraq and AQ.♥ISC1210SYR47J⊞Authorities say the 78-year-old businessman planned to use the off-site medical procedure to escape the Indian River County jail in Vero Beach, Fla., flee to his native France and avoid being prosecuted. After investigators unraveled the alleged plot, Manchec was charged with attempted escape.↲


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