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유He did so on multiple issues in multiple ways, including:↡


◈Kushner's other works similarly tackled life's most difficult questions about goodness, failure and purpose. Though they were largely informed by a Jewish theology, his writing resonated with readers across religions.▨1206SA390JAT4A⇏The coronation service on Saturday is scheduled to begin at 11 a.m. local time or 6 a.m. ET. The event will last about three hours.☆1825Y0500472GCR▪When Dan Lampariello saw smoke pouring over Copley Square, an instinct kicked in.⊠AQ147M910GAJWE↫And that put him over the top in the Electoral College.☠

☼This story is a collaboration from NPR's Station Investigations Team, which supports local investigative journalism, and New Hampshire Public Radio. Nate Hegyi left the Mountain West News Bureau for New Hampshire Public Radio in February 2022.↾C1206X242G5HAC7800▥"I think it's striking that the state legislature would even seek to expel them for such behavior, let alone actually succeed in garnering enough votes to expel them," Anita Krishnakumar, who studies legislation and statutory interpretation at the Georgetown University Law Center, told NPR in an email.↡

➱"That was a big part of him, giving to the children that's behind him," Ellis said. "Like he said, 'Somebody gave to me, and so it's my job and my responsibility to give back.' And that's going to be missing a whole lot."☝

■Brittany House, a patient advocate pursuing a master's degree in public health, said her medication abortion several years ago allowed her to build the life and career she wanted and to get out of an abusive relationship. Mifepristone was a part of "the best care for my 21-year-old body, mind and spirit," she said.↪

⊕Bayer wanted us to see a newer addition to their collection: "One of the few great antiquities that we've been able to buy in recent years."✂


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