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♛Graves acknowledged Sunday the "racial components" at play in the case.█

☼"That day (in February) was the beginning of an unfathomable period in my life which only now am I ready to share," Griner said in a statement released Tuesday by Alfred A. Knopf.₪

Nevada is the latest state moving toward enacting much tougher criminal penalties for possessing relatively small quantities of the synthetic opioid, with mandatory prison time for as little as 4 grams.◐

⇥The first recovery high school opened in Silver Spring, Md., in 1979 and similar programs now operate in 21 states. Compared with their peers at regular schools who have gone through treatment, recovery high school students have better attendance and are more likely to stay sober, and their graduation rate is at least 21% higher, according to one study.☜


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IXGK120N120B3▦The Australian Council on Smoking and Health and the Public Health Association of Australia applauded the new anti-vaping measures.☼C1210X473K4JAC7800⇝But the technology never worked as promised. For instance, prosecutors showed that Holmes relied on altered third-party machines, not the company's own proprietary devices, to conduct blood tests, which were often riddled with inaccuracies.ⓥ


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