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1330-44G▧In the aftermath of the closure, she and her husband, Ken, began visiting other churches and watching services online. They think they may have found a church that works for them.✏C927U300JYNDBA7317❥Low staffing has a dangerous trickle-down effect, Burger said. It leads to a heavier workload, more stress and burnout for the remaining staff, as well as a negative impact to patient care.▌

◦The second instance took place in June of 2016 when Karen McDougal, a former Playboy playmate, alleged that she had an affair with Trump while he was married. Trump, his former lawyer Michael Cohen and AMI's CEO David Pecker "had a series of discussions about who should pay off [MacDougal] to secure her silence," prosecutors say.♪


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1808J1K00150KDT▲The 1996 conference, the most recent to be held in Chicago, led to the second nomination of President Bill Clinton.1210Y0500153JET▇A previous version of this story incorrectly said that the slippers are now housed at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History in Washington. In fact, they are still in the custody of the FBI.✉


◘"When you see elected leaders demonizing educators and weaponizing education, it's a five-alarm fire for democracy," Irene Mulvey, president of The American Association of University Professors, told Nature. "It important to understand that when governors attack DEI efforts, they completely mischaracterize them to create a straw-man demon that they now have to do away with."▮GMC10CG2R4B50NT↗In a federal lawsuit filed last year, plaintiffs alleged that ARC's inflators use ammonium nitrate as a secondary propellant to inflate the air bags. The propellant is pressed into tablets that can expand and develop microscopic holes if exposed to moisture. Degraded tablets have a larger surface area, causing them to burn too fast and ignite too big of an explosion, according to the lawsuit.✂PM54-121K↠The Russian government warned of eventual retaliation for the alleged plot.■PM3308-471M↳"And the fact that we're getting some really significant benefits suggests that we could have some big benefits over the next few years or decades as these systems are more widely used," Brynjolfsson says. When machines take over more work and boost our productivity, Brynjolfsson says, that's generally a great thing. It means that society is getting richer, that the economic pie is getting larger.▰

♧The University of Louisville Hospital said nine victims were rushed in with injuries, including three police officers.▐MGV1203100M-10ⓔThe Houston office of the South Korean Consulate told The Dallas Morning News that one of Kyu Song Cho and Cindy Cho's children was also killed in the shooting.⇋


↛But exposing it to the world is another matter. It embarrasses the targeted governments. It also shakes the confidence of frontline combatants such as Ukraine who depend on the U.S. for much of their weaponry. It has the potential to sow discord among the U.S.' allies in the NATO alliance and thereby aid the Russian invaders.♘0603Y0630270GFR⇆Should the court redraw the maps and give Democrats a better chance of winning races for the legislature, they hope they could finally push the state's political trajectory to the left. The court could also potentially redraw Wisconsin's congressional map, where Republicans currently hold six out of eight U.S House seats in an otherwise 50-50 state.☾2220Y0250123KDR■Lyft will "significantly reduce" its staff as part of a company-wide restructuring, CEO David Risher announced Friday.❁SBL1650☛If sexual intercourse happens the same day as ovulation (or even several days beforehand), that's when sperm may enter the picture.×

☀In Washington, two leading lawmakers urged the U.S. on Sunday to send some of its Abrams tanks to Ukraine in the interests of overcoming Germany's reluctance to share its own, more suitable tanks.✒VJ0402Y271KXJCW1BC◁A federal district court had previously ruled in favor of the Andy Warhol Foundation. It found Warhol's work to be transformative enough in relation to Goldsmith's original to invoke fair use protection. But that ruling was subsequently overturned by the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.ぃ


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