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◇The electoral commission has recognised "glitches" during the vote but has dismissed claims that the process was not free and fair.♦UP5S-151-R◩Flowers said he’s proud that his investigators uncovered and foiled the alleged plot so that he can step up to a lectern to announce an attempted escape as opposed to an actual one. As for Manchec, he remains at the county jail, Flowers said.⇒RGL41MHE3_A/HOpposition supporters say they'll do everything they can between now and May 28, the date of what could prove to be a historic run-off election for Turkey.♛FQB8N60CFTM◣Under a proposal announced Tuesday, a J&J subsidiary will re-file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and seek court approval for a plan that would result in one of the largest product-liability settlements in U.S. history.◎

☺The effect, as Dominion alleged in its suit, represented an intense effort to win back voters alienated by that original Arizona call for Biden. Each new phase of the case — from discovery to motions detailing some of the findings through depositions and a review of millions of documents to the cross-examination of witnesses in the trial portion — brought the potential for greater scrutiny of Fox and reputational damage.♪CWR29KC225KBEB♠Later on, Robbins wrote in a separate update, "Folks, it is a bad idea to allow your kids to go around ringing doorbells in 2023. Read the news. Stop it."↮


⇆Video game companies and streaming companies share key characteristics, she said, noting the tech industry's labor conditions and standards differ from those in Hollywood.↬S2016R◆After the invasion, they stayed first in Moldova, Romania, and then Germany. Daniel's youngest brother, Leo, spent his first birthday in a refugee camp. In April, they arrived in West Haven, Conn., to stay with a host family they'd never met but connected with through the website And then right before the school year started, they moved into that white house in New York state.►ACZRA4761-HF★Then he launched into the song that heirs of Ed Townsend, Gaye's co-writer on "Let's Get It On," say has "striking similarities" and "over common elements" to the famed 1973 Gaye musical treasure.⇜GJM0225C1E3R6CB01L▣On April 7, Kacsmaryk sided with the conservative groups and issued a preliminary injunction to vacate the FDA's approval of the drug altogether — a decision with expansive ramifications that legal experts called "unprecedented." In his ruling, Kacsmaryk, a Trump appointee, adopted much of the language of the anti-abortion advocates, including referring to abortion providers as "abortionists" and fetuses as "unborn children."➬

☠Avenatti then filed a defamation suit against Daniels' wishes, she says. She eventually lost the case, with the judge ruling that Trump's tweet was political rhetoric protected by the first amendment.∎C1206C361K8HACAUTO▒Before her absence, Feinstein, 89, had last voted in mid-February, and several Democrats recently called on her to resign before her term is up, including California Rep. Ro Khanna.▩


☝However, assessing the value to Russia is difficult to determine, especially at this early stage, when the full extent of the breach is not known.❀199D686X9020F6V1E3⇞And defusing that bomb becomes a political problem at the highest levels when a Democratic president like Biden must deal with at least one chamber of Congress controlled by Republicans — as is now the case with the House.⊙TLZ10B-GS18♞ANAHEIM, Calif. — Spectators at Disneyland's popular "Fantasmic!" show got a shock this weekend when the feature's fire-breathing animatronic dragon suddenly burst into flames.◆CDR33BP332AJYMあIncluding her pain.┱

☠Philadelphia 76ers player James Harden kept his word by inviting Michigan State University shooting victim John Hao to a game, and sealed the deal by giving him a pair of autographed sneakers.☇APD240VDTR-E1➤Codex Sassoon contains all 24 books of the Hebrew Bible, but is missing 12 leaves. The Bible was commissioned by and owned by private individuals for several centuries before it was donated to a synagogue in northeastern Syria in the 13th century, according to Sotheby's.↣


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RM2A8N60S4▤It was the latest in a long series of battles between Israel and Palestinian militants in Gaza since the Islamic militant group Hamas seized control of the seaside territory in 2007. Israel and Hamas have fought four wars, and there have been numerous smaller flareups as well.❐TAJA474K035H♠This weeks' sentencing hearings came with several days of emotional testimony from victims and eyewitnesses.♦


➭Police in Mexico said Monday they arrested a top lieutenant of the violent Metros faction of the Gulf drug cartel implicated in 23 attacks on police and nine against military personnel. The suspect was identified as Hugo Salinas Cortinas, whose nickname "La Cabra" means "The Goat."◆C0402C431J4JAC7867✤It's a startling statistic. Every year, 70,000 women around the world basically bleed to death after childbirth. That averages out to nearly 200 deaths a day and makes postpartum hemorrhage a leading cause of maternal deaths.◫XP152A12C0MR-G☂The balloon was shot down off the coast of South Carolina shortly after 2:30 p.m. ET on Saturday, U.S. officials confirmed to CBS News. A senior defense official said an F-22 dispatched out of Langley Air Force Base took down the balloon with a single air-to-air missile.▶MHQ0603P2N3ST000↘The show takes place twice nightly near the park's famous Tom Sawyer Island. The climax features Mickey Mouse battling a giant dragon named Maleficent.▄

▤Nathan Brewer told local news outlets that he knew his daughter had planned to spend time with McFadden, but was unaware he was a convicted sex offender. He added that his daughter had spent past weekends with the family without issues.➚2225J5000391JFR❤One document is labeled "Top Secret," and is titled "Status of the Conflict as of 1 March." It gives a detailed battlefield summary from Ukraine on that day.◑

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