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C0805C152K2RACTU❤The Henryetta Public School system issued a statement late Monday saying that "several" students were among the victims.▧GRM2165C2A122JA01D▍The recordings ultimately led to Nixon's resignation — making him the only president in U.S. history to leave the office in such disgrace.↱

⇌In the prologue to Tyriek White's debut novel, We Are a Haunting, Colly speaks to his mother, Key, who died unexpectedly, leaving him in a constant state of grief and rootlessness. "You were just gone one morning," he says. "And I know it sounds like I blame you but I don't."⇒


➵MAKRIDIS: We were looking for stuff that confirmed our hypotheses as opposed to looking at everything.⊠5900-272-RC↬Cyber insurance has become a critical part of hospital budgets, according to Riggi of the American Hospital Association. But some institutions are finding the insurance coverage isn't comprehensive, so even after an attack they remain on the hook for millions of dollars in damages.▪C410C181J1G5TA♜Johnson managed to assist a patient with limited mobility walk down the nine flight of stairs to safety once he and others were evacuated.✤C323C910JAG5TA✐The seven were the latest victims of mass shootings in the U.S., whose targets included Christian elementary school in Nashville, Tennessee; a bank in Louisville, Kentucky and a Sweet 16 party in a small city in Alabama.⊠

▤"My son and I have always been close and I thought, given how difficult he found it to tell me, what must children in homophobic and transphobic families be going through? I wanted to keep the conversation open for them," says Desai. "Since then, I have spoken with thousands and thousands of children and their parents. Some parents, they are so stubborn and it takes many phone calls for them to listen — they would insult me and bang the phone down."♦OT418115✒Yeti Airlines confirmed that the flight data and cockpit voice recorders — the so-called black boxes — were found on Monday, a day after the plane went down, which could help determine a cause for the crash.➮


➪The other significant consequence, which we discussed earlier, was the rise of Al Qaeda in Iraq.▣MLG0603P5N1ST000♚"But, for today, Bakhmut is only in our hearts. There is nothing on this place, so — just ground and — and a lot of dead Russians," he said.▬0603J0634P00DQT↑I try to keep in mind how little control or influence I have to change the state of the country (and world) and let go of the feeling of responsibility. I do what I can and understand that change is slow. One of the greatest gifts of getting old is knowing how little power you have in the grand scheme of things. It relieves you of the feeling that you have to DO something and the frustration and anger that goes with it. -Mary Theresa McCarty, Halfmoon, N.Y.▩GRM0225C1C7R0DA03L◘While public backlash against Native American stereotypes has pushed professional sports teams in Washington, D.C., and Cleveland, Ohio, to change their names, there remain countless high schools across the U.S. that continue to use Native American-themed mascots and logos.✐

❑King Charles III's coronation Saturday will have a shorter parade route, a role for all Britons rather than only aristocrats — and a nod to the country's myriad faiths.▶MPS6724RLRAG⊙Over the weekend, critics slammed Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for calling the five deceased victims of the shooting "illegal immigrants." He used the phrase while announcing part of the reward for information about the suspect.↰


☆While many states have moved to restrict gender-affirming care for minors in the past year, none have so far passed laws that punish people for going to other states for treatment.♀0603ZC101MAT4AღIn a video posted to her Instagram, Mulvaney sipped a can of Bud Light as she discussed March Madness, adding that the company had sent her a custom-made tallboy can to commemorate the anniversary of her transition, with an image of her face printed on the side.▌1N4001-T➲CBS News Special Report  — February 5, 2003⊙5300-11-RC❀The companies didn't say which specific models they wouldn't cover, but WWL-TV in New Orleans reported that State Farm was pausing coverage of some popular vehicles, including Hyundai's Elantra and Tucson and Kia's Optima and Sportage.⇪

【The 69-year-old suspect, who authorities say has admitted racist beliefs, was charged Monday with murder motivated by race, ethnicity, nationality or religion.☼GA0805H681MXABP31GあFor example, one room of the exhibit puts Mutu's collage series "Histology of Different Classes of Uterine Tumors" (2006) next to her pottery-like renderings of viruses, which she began in 2016. These round works, textured with spikes and raised grooves, represent mumps, measles, dengue, Zika and other sicknesses. In a conversation with Norton and Crockett printed in the exhibition catalog, Mutu explains that she views them as unifiers: "The history of many cultures is tied to disease. We discuss the entry of Europeans through marking the diseases that either killed them or killed us because they brought them. There's something about diseases that describes our humanity, vulnerability and susceptibility."♧

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