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⇔In the early months of the pandemic, for a brief time, there was remarkable bipartisan unity in quickly marshaling federal resources to fight the new virus. That included major investments in vaccine development, new laws that allowed people to stay on public insurance programs without interruption, and free tests and vaccines for all. Those rules allowed for things like drive-through mass vaccination campaigns, where no one asked for your insurance card, and free curbside COVID-19 testing kiosks.▄PZM6.2NB2,115►At the time, Jin served as Zoom's primary liaison with Chinese government law enforcement and intelligence services, regularly responding to requests by the Chinese government to terminate meetings and block users on Zoom's video communications platform, authorities said.♦1206Y2500124KXR◈But in the late 1960s, Douglas was pursued again by members of Congress upset with his lifestyle and cultural interests as well as his judicial rulings. One of his chief antagonists was a Republican congressman from Michigan named Gerald R. Ford, who would later be Nixon's vice president and then his successor.☀NSVUMC3NT1G₪Kristina Rihanoff, a former professional dancer on Strictly Come Dancing, tweeted that Goodman will always be her favorite judge, calling him an "honest & witty person with integrity & respect for us — fellow dancers."♣

◘"Our military will need only a few months of intensive training to learn how to use, operate and repair the F-16," he said. "And I don't have the slightest doubt it will significantly strengthen our air defense."░C0402C153M3REC7411۰The U.S. Supreme Court refused Thursday to intervene in an ongoing case involving West Virginia's law banning transgender girls from participating in girls' sports teams at school. Conservative Justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas dissented.➲


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150D335X9075B2GE3❈Another study found that currently or formerly incarcerated Black people suffered a 65% higher mortality rate than their non-Black peers. Black people also make up a disproportionately high percentage of state prison populations.™SD1224▓Update: U.S. fighter jets shot down the balloon off the South Carolina coast Saturday afternoon. Read the latest here.◄


◣In Limbo is not your typical graphic novel by a first-generation American.↡GRM0225C1C140GA03L▄Barnett was defiant this year throughout his trial, during which he lied about the circumstances of the photo and many of his actions in the Capitol. In social media posts as recently as last week, he criticized federal prosecutors as “demonically possessed cretans [sic]” and called police who were at the Capitol that day thugs.¤1206J1000183MXT▥"You're going to have to absorb a lot of people's pain," Wade told them.﹌1825Y6300153MXT◑Scientists have recorded hundreds of explosions, and webcams trained on the volcano have shown it spewing incandescent material. From Mexico City, you can see a column of ash rising from the summit.▫

↖The shooting rattled the military shipbuilding community and sent shock waves around the country, with many wondering how a child so young could get access to a gun and shoot his teacher.1206Y2000151GAT☀“The worst thing that could happen in a retail environment is to feel like you can’t go in there and feel safe — that’s on the employee side and the customer sides,” Reed said.❥


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GRM0335C1E430JA01D➺"If you celebrated Clark for doing this but not Angel Reese you gotta take a long, long look in the mirror," tweeted The Athletic writer Meg Linehan.▌1210J0160100FFR♠The bill's framework reflects a series of demands from a bloc of hard line GOP lawmakers who opposed his election as speaker in January and pushed for commitments for how to handle negotiations on the debt limit. After five days and 15 votes, many of his detractors backed his bid, or voted present after McCarthy pledged he would not allow a House vote on a bill to increase the country's borrowing authority without federal spending reductions.


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C1206C471K1GACAUTO⇁Current AI mental health applications❈2220J4K00560FCR➫The decision, first shared with The Associated Press Monday, begins the 25-year-old's plan for the unprecedented outpouring of support that he received after his heart stopped following a tackle during a "Monday Night Football" game in January.✐

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