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«"As a woman, I think the 1849 abortion ban is absolutely ridiculous," said Alicia Halvensleben at the Waukesha event with Holder for Protasiewicz. "I'm really concerned about what's going to happen if this comes before our court and we have Dan Kelly on the court."☂

▬GOP-led Arkansas recently enacted a similar ban on outside money in elections.◦


➶"In that sense, the situation playing out in California this year could be a window into the state's climate future, said Daniel Mountjoy, director of resource stewardship for Sustainable Conservation, a California-based nonprofit water group.↠KVD250L335M32A0T00▋Accurate polling can be hard to find in Turkey. Some recent polls see Erdogan and Kilicdaroglu in a tight race with neither winning more than 50%, which would lead to a second round between the two top candidates on May 28.↤1N965B_T50R⇃Amnesty International called on the government to stop any attempts to prevent transgender people from obtaining official documents reflecting their gender identity without complying with abusive and invasive requirements.∴K271J15C0GF53H5There were tough moments, like when she experienced "auditory hallucinations" and when a fly invasion left her completely covered. But Flamini says there were also "some very beautiful moments," and that staying present and in touch with her emotions helped her make it through.▒

⇚Maskell died in 2001.⇢C0603X752F8JAC7867♗Twenty years later, Rozelle suspended Colts quarterback Art Schlichter, who was in just his second pro season. Schlichter was reinstated and played in 1984 and '85. But he couldn't kick the gambling habit and eventually wound up in prison for a multimillion-dollar ticketing scam.⇂

♨Azka Azzahra, 21, came with her sister and friends to get a closer look by using the telescopes with hundreds of other visitors.↴

➣The palace argued it made sense to call Camilla "queen consort" before Queen Elizabeth died to more clearly distinguish between the two, Gullace tells NPR. However, she adds, this invitation confirms that won't be the case going forward.♞

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